Do you act as controller?

Is the level of automation in your marketing still very low, while other departments have already optimized their processes? Does the creation of print catalogs result in enormous internal labor costs or external agency costs? Do new media like Internet, CD and marketplaces result in enormous additional costs? Do you think that an optimization of these processes should no longer be postponed By using the software ANTEROS,  the catalog creation process can be automised significantly. Product data only has to be updated once for the different media and languages and print documents can even be generated just with a click on a button. Your company will not just save time and money (Hella and WTO even saved 90%!), but you will raise the quality of your product data, too.


Save time and money by ANTEROS.


“We have cut the costs for the creation of our product documents to a tenth and also increased our data quality. Meanwhile it gives us new ways of displaying the product data for a modern e-business, which allows us to serve our customers in a better way. We invested the saved time in the qualified support of our customers” said Mr. Zeferer, Controller from WTO