Daniel Tiemann, TMD

Daniel Tiemann, TMD Friction:

"INCONY convinced us with its flexible software, very high motivation, expertise and good service.“

Catalogs by Print on Demand
Web Catalogs / Web Shops with Comfortable Search

The software ANTEROS provides functionality for daily import of data from TecDoc or different systems, for adding product data and images/media even for automatically generation of print, web, CD and electronic catalogs. The catalog layout can be adapted to best suit the customers requirements.

Print Catalogs on Button-Press

  • Print documents can be created at lower costs, faster and more up-to-date
  • You can generate a complete catalog or customer-specific extracts across the web interface – a new trend that’s only economically possible with this technology. Without additional work you can create for your partners or customers specific catalogs, e.g. an Oltimer catalog or a catalog only displaying products of a customer. Customers of our customers are in favour of this new service
  • The generation of print catalogs takes less than a tenth of time compared with other systems, what’s important for the final printing phase
  • Even customer specific data compression which is important for many TecDoc base Print catalogs to reduce the number of pages is processed by ANTEROS automatically

Web Catalogs / Web Shops with Comfortable Search

  • Besides of articles, universal parts and vehicles ANTEROS provides also a combined expert search
  • Unclear search requests, e.g. without generic articles, are possible
  • A clear product comparison is provided
  • Order functions are optional (shop)
  • Across a gateway/interface to a ERP system/Teccom customers prices and availability can be displayed
  • Customers prices and the availability can be displayed across an interface to an ERP/Teccom system
  • Daily TecDoc data are possible
  • Arbitrary catalog extracts can be generated on-demand from the expert search or from a collecting folder

Automated Data Acquisition

  • With ANTEROS you can import TecDoc data daily and in an automated way
  • If needed you can enter more product information, images or import it from other systems or even other product segments for different markets (e.g. America, motorbikes, etc.)

Comfortable Media Administration

  • Images and documents can be managed efficiently and web-based
  • Images can be converted to other formats on demand