Outperform the competition with innovative print engine from INCONY

Print catalogs, price lists and data sheets are important sales documents for years. With the shorter time-to-market of many products, more and more data must be made in shorter time periods in any product materials together. In addition, more and more languages ​​are in demand, as many companies have realized that product documents in the customer's language promotes sales to a great extent. Relatively new are requirements to individualized catalogs, such as New catalog, vintage catalogs, customer catalogs


More and more product documents in more languages ​​in less time


So that you can create your product documents faster in more and more languages ​​without increasing your staff, you can of INCONY, ... automate your catalogs, price lists, data sheets. With the technology-leading Print Engine ANTEROS.print you can generate complete catalogs or in any extracts of a button, without typesetting system such as Indesign. This can also make your own salespeople times generate a catalog extract for a quote or your dealer is a sub-range of you with your own logo and generate a button and a web form easily and quickly.  


INCONY has many, even complex catalogs to 100% automated (Catalog Sample Pages see above). 

You can also benefit from this technology advantage!