Technological Leadership

ANTEROS is the only PIM system in which the functions for product data maintenance and translation support, the image database / media asset management, the print engine and the web catalogue / web shop are fully integrated in one system.  You don't have to push data into other systems via interfaces first, which makes your processes much faster.


Rainer Holthaus, Hella

"Even though Hella has already been using some state of the art IT systems, we were surprised by the user-friendly and flexible data management functionality ANTEROS comes with."


- Rainer Holthaus, Hella

Tested, very good usability

ANTEROS is very intuitive to use and has a very good usability. The INCONY team already had one of the first ANTEROS versions tested by the Siemens Usability Lab in the 1990s. External test persons had to solve tasks with ANTEROS and eye-tracking glasses were used to analyze where the users progressed quickly in the user interface and where they progressed less quickly. These findings were not only incorporated into the user interface of this version, but were also an important criterion for further developments.



Flexible import-export framework to connect to other systems with relatively little effort.



Technological-leading print engine

With ANTEROS.print, you can publish any document fully automatically in your corporate design. In contrast to other PIM systems, the ANTEROS software does not use a template-based approach for automation, but a rule-based approach that is much more flexible and allows a higher degree of automation. Almost all rules can be implemented that can be considered in general. In addition, settings or exceptions can be fine-tuned via the web interface. In addition to layout rules, data grouping or even data compression rules can also be implemented.
As a result, the print engine can generate both finished PDF documents and documents in INX format, which can be imported into the Indesign typesetting system for post-processing.



Efficient product data maintenance

ANTEROS offers functions to strongly systematize your data and thus make data maintenance particularly efficient for you. This includes the inheritance of parameter definitions and parameter values, the bundling of products in product series, the marking of translated texts for targeted translation, the creation of text modules, and much more.



Easy-to-use image database

The ANTEROS media database not only allows media management for your marketing department, but with the image portal your sales representatives, dealers and partners can also easily download images themselves in various formats, of course with reduced rights.