Technology Advance

Why do you benefit from ANTEROS more than from competitors systems?

  • ANTEROS provides a wide range of functionality for systematization your product data which allows you to efficiently manage your data.
  • The image database allows a comfortable search and images can be generated on demand in different formats (not only web, even PDF).
  • The modules for print generation and for the web catalog / shop are fully integrated with the product data management (PIM). You do not have to link multiple systems with interfaces.
  • The generation of print documents lasts less than 1/20 compared to other systems, e.g. 10 minutes instead of 4 hours. Reduced lead times are in particular important just before printing.
  • You can generate print documents either with all product data or by arbitrary selections, without any typesetting system. That is a new trend that is economically feasible only with this new print technology of ANTEROS. Some ANTEROS customers even give this feature to partners or selected customers so that they can create extraction catalogs on-demand. The new service is a hit!
Rainer Holthaus, Hella

"Even though Hella has already been using some state of the art IT systems, we were surprised by the user-friendly and flexible data management functionality ANTEROS comes with."

- Rainer Holthaus, Hella