Service Advantage

Our customers appreciate the INCONY team as very service-oriented.

Each customer has their personal account manager, who can be reached directly and knows of your problems exactly. There is no service hotline to deal with, no queued phone line and changing support staff. We take our customers' needs seriously and understand that a personal approach to the wants and needs of each individual customer leads to both a quicker solution of most problems as well as higher customer satisfaction overall. 



Holger Kleine-Tebbe appreciates the service of INCONY

"INCONY's partnership and customer service impressed me throughout the process."


- Holger Kleine-Tebbe of TECE

What our customers value about INCONY's service:


  • Competent employees
  • Customized implementation of customer specific requirements
  • Reliable availability in terms of time
  • Web based processes and functionalities
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Full understanding of customer requirements
  • Reliable support
  • Fully automated print generation, even for complex product data
  • Ability to manage and incorporate complex data
  • Short response time 
  • Use of innovative technologies 

But you do not need to take our word on it. Every few years we try to run a customer survey to ensure our service is up to our customers' standards. We are always working on bettering both our product and our service and are happy for any feedback we receive. The past customer survey had very positive results and we are happy to report that 96% percent of our customers that responded, all of which are current customers, report that they are satisfied with our software and service, with more than half stating they are very satisfied and others even thrilled. 


Follow this link for more details on our past customer survey conducted by an independent consulting firm. 


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