Highly Service-Oriented

The INCONY team is regarded as highly service-oriented by its customers. You will get your personal account manager, who knows your problems exactly and you do not have to queue up in a service phone line with changing support staff.



Holger Kleine-Tebbe appreciates the service of INCONY

"INCONY's partnership and customer service impressed me throughout the process."


- Holger Kleine-Tebbe of TECE

What our customers value about INCONY's service:

  • Competent employees
  • Customized implementation of customer specific requirements
  • Reliable availability in terms of time
  • Web based processes and functionalities
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Full understanding of customer requirements
  • Reliable support
  • Fully automated print generation, even for complex product data
  • Ability to manage and incorporate complex data
  • Short response time 
  • Use of innovative technologies