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By using the software and services of INCONY you can reach the highest degree of automation for your data maintenance as well as in the creation of print documents, online and CD catalogs. In addition, INCONY adapts the software to your layout and functional requirements, customized for each customer.



José Ibañez, VAG Armaturen

"In such a short time, automation has brought us to an IT innovation level in which we can present our products to our customers much better and more up-to-date. The investments have already paid for themselves in just a few months through time and cost savings in data maintenance."


- José Ibañez, VAG Armaturen

Awards for INCONY and its software ANTEROS

Why do you benefit more from ANTEROS than from competing systems?

  • Extremely efficient product data maintenance: With its PIM system ANTEROS, INCONY is among the PIM pioneers having already had users from technical industries with diverse attributes in 1996. Therefore, the efficient maintenance of even complex product data was an early priority.
  • Intuitive use with particularly good usability. The INCONY team already had one of the first ANTEROS versions tested by the Siemens Usability Lab in the 1990s. External test subjects had to solve tasks in ANTEROS, while eye-tracking glasses were used to analyze which parts of the user interface were progressing quickly and where not. These findings were not only incorporated into the user interface of this version, but were also an important criterion for further developments.
  • Flexible import-export framework to connect other systems to the PIM system with relatively little effort. The PIM-side interfaces even automatically adapt to PIM extensions with data fields.
  • Many modules are fully integrated in ANTEROS, whereas competitor systems require interfaces to MAM, print and translation systems.
  • Faster project execution, since ANTEROS already offers a functional, ready-made system that can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements. Other systems offer only a framework meaning the initial system setup alone takes much longer.
  • Fully automatic print generation: You can generate complete print documents or excerpts on-demand via the web interface, completely without a typesetting system (such as Indesign or Indesign server). This enables you to create customer-specific catalogs at any time without additional effort. A new trend among our customers: they even offer this print-on-demand function to their customers as a service on their websites for absolutely up-to-date data sheets or excerpt catalogs and customers like it very much!

The advantage has been confirmed:

  • In the past, OBETA Electro had created its print catalogs using a template-based system and has now switched to the technologically leading system ANTEROS. "While it used to take us six months to create catalogs with our template-based print system, ANTEROS allows us to do so in just 6 weeks. We concentrate mainly on data maintenance and have a time gain of 75% - even though we had already partially automated the process. In addition, it takes less than an hour to generate a complete catalog with ANTEROS, compared to more than 30 hours with the previous system," says Christopher Adler of OBETA.
  • An independent jury selected Mr. Holthaus from the automotive supplier Hella (INCONY customer since 2004) as "Catalogue Manager of the Year". A 13-page questionnaire was used to ask in great detail how complex the creation of a catalog is in the company and to what extent and how comprehensive the processes have already been optimised.
  • INCONY customers report that they have saved up to 90% in time and costs in catalog production and that they have not found such flexible options in competitors' print generation systems.

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