You are CEO?

Does your company still need several weeks for a reprint of your catalogs, price lists, or data sheets? After a long process, just the English version is available and the other languages still require some additional weeks? Is the creation of product documents in several languages and multiple media such as print, Web, App still a time-consuming process which causes high internal and/or external costs?

Then you can enhance your competitiveness enormously by using ANTEROS. Your company does not just save time and costs, but also boosts the quality of your product data. Product documents can be created up-to-date in various languages just with a click on a button.

Create your catalogs in the languages of your export markets in order to enhance your competitiveness!


Save time and money, enhance your competiveness.


“With the launch of the PIM system ANTEROS, we have set the course for the future. Product information becomes increasingly important for the strategy of companies and is always required in new and other formats. With ANTEROS we can realize those customer requests inexpensively on our own”, said Klaus Warnecke, CEO of ASV Stübbe.