Are you active in IT?

Are there currently several isolated systems in use for product data maintenance in your company and do your colleagues have to update product data separately on all "islands" (i.e. several times)? Are catalogues and price lists still created manually with Indesign or semi-automatically with Database Pubishing? Does product data have to be additionally prepared for retailers or marketplaces (e.g. in formats such as BMEcat, eCl@ss)? Are you interested in bringing these processes together on the IT end and integrating them with your existing systems?


Automated catalog creation,
integrated software components


The standard software ANTEROS optimizes the catalog creation process. Product data is maintained centrally in a system from which print catalogs for various languages as well as web, CD and electronic catalogs depict your product data absolutely up-to-date. ANTEROS offers various interfaces for integration with existing systems, including XML and CSV.


"In such a short time, automation has brought us to an IT innovation level in which we can present our products much better and more up-to-date to our customers. The investments have already paid for themselves in just a few months thanks to time and cost savings in data maintenance," says José-Manuel Ibañez, IT Manager at VAG Armaturen.