Do you act in Marketing?

Is the creation of your product catalog, the price list or your data sheets still a time-consuming process, so that there is just too little time left for creative marketing tasks?
Do you have to capture product data for the different media and languages again and again or are time-consuming processes with an external agency necessary for this?
Is this the reason why you just provide your product documents in few languages although this would increase the sales success for your company? Do you want to display your product data additionally in an Web catalog or Apps in order to benefit from new channels of distribution?


Create much more with innovative software.


Then you should replace the “world of islands”, in which product data has to be updated on all islands separately and that means several times, with the catalog automation of ANTEROS. This will save time and costs significantly. You only have to update the product data once in a central database instead of multiple times. Thereby you can use the time for marketing tasks which push your company forward, e.g. catalogs in further languages or customer-specific catalogs.


“ANTEROS enables us to maintain our product data centrally for Print, CD, Internet, and marketplace catalogs. We could use existing product data from other systems such as SAP and EXCEL. Data changes can now be made efficiently by our staff via Web forms or EXCEL. By using ANTEROS we do not just save time and money by an automised process but simultaneously rise the data quality of our catalogs und give easy-to-use search and inquiry functions in the Internet and CD catalog”, said Mr. Geiger, marketing leader of VAG Armaturen.