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Central data maintenance for marketers

Is the creation of your product catalog, price list or data sheets a time-consuming process, leaving too little time for creative marketing tasks? Do you have to separately enter data on new products or product changes for the various language editions or coordinate them with your agency? Or will additional languages (e.g. Chinese) become impossible due to time constraints? Do you also want to present your products in a web catalog, web shop, apps or marketplaces or do you want your sales staff to create target group catalogs?


Let the islands go.
You can do much more with innovative software.


Then replace the "island world", where product data must be updated separately on all islands and therefore several times, with ANTEROS' automated catalogs. Thus saving you time and money. You no longer have to update the same product data several times on different "islands", instead you can use the time for marketing tasks that advance your company.


“ANTEROS enables us to maintain our product data centrally for print, web and marketplace catalogs. We could use existing product data from other systems such as SAP and EXCEL. Data changes can now be made efficiently by our staff via web forms or EXCEL. By using ANTEROS we do not just save time and money due to its automised process, but simultaneously increase the data quality of our catalogs und give easy-to-use search and inquiry functions in the online catalog”, said Mr. Geiger, marketing leader of VAG Armaturen.

[Translate to English:] Eric Schönel, Simona

After looking in depth at the available PIM systems we opted for ANTEROS and now we’ve optimized our processes significantly. We manage our product data centrally and efficiently in ANTEROS and generate print publications and produce web shops with this software. INCONY has supported us competently and in a customer oriented fashion.


- Eric Schönel, Leader Marketing & Communication of Simona AG

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Do you work in marketing? Are you planning to introduce PIM or crossmedia software in order to maintain and your product data much more efficiently? Are you interested in what is possible with the technologically leading PIM system ANTEROS and how far you can optimize your processes with it? Then request your free software demo now!

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