Maximize your success with higher efficiency, lower error rate and a higher level of service

ANTEROS functions

Profit from the following potential benefits with INCONY projects and products:


Up to 90% time saved

  • Highly efficient product data maintenance and print generation, as confirmed by statements from our customers, e.g. Hella, WTO, Rapid Technic.
  • INCONY's many years of experience (since 1996) in the efficient maintenance of complex product data and fully automated catalogue generation

Short implementation time 

  • Intuitive usability, tested in Siemens Usability Lab with eye-tracking glasses
  • Functional, ready-to-use PIM system

Quick and easy search for product data in optimum data quality 

  • Central, finely structured data management in PIM
  • Easy assignment of media types, such as pictures or documents

Quickly find images and documents in the right format

  • Automatic image conversion during upload
  • Different formats and colour models (.tif, .eps, .jpg, .png, .ps etc. / rgb, cmyk)

Worldwide operable data maintenance

  • Operation via web browser from any workstation
  • One-time licenses, no workstation license
  • Different user rights

Uncomplicated data transfer thanks to ANTEROS' flexible import-export framework

  • Automatic adaptation of the ANTEROS standard interfaces with data model extensions or additional fields.
  • Simple connection to other systems such as ERP, CAD, etc.

Fast system expansion

  • Numerous, fully integrated modules - adaptable to customer requirements
  • No additional interfaces for image database (MAM), print and translation systems unlike competing systems
  • No framework with complex initial system structure, as with some other providers

Avoid spelling mistakes, fast translation

  • Duplicate check, for entire text areas if necessary
  • Reference to the use of different spelling
  • Marking of edited texts for targeted translations

Reduced catalog creation costs thanks to fully automatic print generation

  • Generation of complete or excerpt catalogues on demand, via a web interface
  • Generation of customer-specific catalogs
  • No need for typesetting systems such as Indesign or Indesign server
  • Print-on-demand as a service for your customers

Independence from employees through knowledge documentation in ANTEROS


Many satisfied customers: see customer statements