Maximize your success with higher efficiency, lower error rate and a higher level of service

ANTEROS functions

Profit from the following potential benefits with INCONY projects and products:

Up to 90% time saved

  • Highly efficient product data maintenance, suitable even for complex technical products
  • Catalogs, price lists and data sheets created 100% automatically; no need for rework in Indesign as required by PIM competitors, even for complex technical catalogs

Short implementation time

  • Intuitive usability, tested in Siemens Usability Lab with eye-tracking glasses
  • Functional, ready-to-use PIM system
  • INCONY's years of experience in PIM and cross media projects (since 1996)

Quick and easy search for product data in optimum data quality

  • Central, finely structured data management in PIM
  • Easy assignment of media types, such as pictures or documents

Quickly find images and documents in the right format

  • Automatic image conversion during upload
  • Different formats and colour models (.tif, .eps, .jpg, .png, .ps etc. / rgb, cmyk)

Worldwide operable data maintenance

  • Operation via web browser from any workstation

Straightforward data transfer from and connection to other systems

  • Flexible import-export framework with various exchange formats and individual customer exports
  • Easy connection to/from systems such as ERP, CAD, etc. via REST-API

Fast system expansion

  • Many fully integrated modules - customer specific customizable
  • No additional interfaces required for image database (MAM), print, translation systems as with other vendor systems
  • No framework with time-consuming initial system setup required, unlike some co-vendors
Holger Kleine-Tebbe, TECE

"In just two years we have developed our PIM system, automated price lists for several countries using ANTEROS, exported data for Arge and Datanorm and developed our web catalogs. Tremendous! ANTEROS is very easy to use."


- Holger Kleine-Tebbe of TECE

Are you a Managing Director?

Benefits for managing dirctors

Are product data and images still maintained "on several islands" within your company, e.g. in the ERP system, in EXCEL tables, perhaps in a database, in price lists and catalogs? Does this not only tie up a lot of labour, but errors creep in due to the "data maintenance on several islands"?
In addition, does your company still need several weeks for a new edition of your catalogs, price lists or data sheets? With  initially only one language available, while the other languages only follow weeks later? Must the data be re-entered for the web catalogue or web shop, app and dealer exports? Does all this tie up enormous resources within your company or cause high external costs?



Save time and money, enhance your profitability.


Then you can enhance your competitiveness enormously by using ANTEROS. Your company does not just save time and costs, but also boosts the quality of your product data. The product documents can be created in various languages at the touch of a button and are kept up-to-date

Approach export markets in their language and thus gain a competitive advantage!

Create excerpt catalogs, such as one new product catalog per quarter for your mailing or target group catalogs at the push of a button, making your business even more service-oriented for your customers!

Thomas Fischer, Fischer Elektronik

"With ANTEROS you can achieve a very high degree of automation. For the print catalogs, agency costs are cut by 100%. By print preview, we see immediately the result of changes and we can generate not only complete catalogs but also extract catalogs. Nevertheless we could realize the layout of wide product range in our required layouts which is possible by the flexible print rules of ANTEROS. ANTEROS could generate our complex catalogs at a quality level we didn’t find at other software vendors. In addition, we can equip our Webshop with a very sophisticated search and order functionality."


- Thomas Fischer, Director of Fischer Eletronik

Do you work in marketing?

Central data maintenance for marketers

Is the creation of your product catalog, price list or data sheets a time-consuming process, leaving too little time for creative marketing tasks? Do you have to separately enter data on new products or product changes for the various language editions or coordinate them with your agency? Or will additional languages (e.g. Chinese) become impossible due to time constraints? Do you also want to present your products in a web catalog, web shop, apps or marketplaces or do you want your sales staff to create target group catalogs?


Let the islands go.
You can do much more with innovative software.


Then replace the "island world", where product data must be updated separately on all islands and therefore several times, with ANTEROS' automated catalogs. Thus saving you time and money. You no longer have to update the same product data several times on different "islands", instead you can use the time for marketing tasks that advance your company.


“ANTEROS enables us to maintain our product data centrally for print, web and marketplace catalogs. We could use existing product data from other systems such as SAP and EXCEL. Data changes can now be made efficiently by our staff via web forms or EXCEL. By using ANTEROS we do not just save time and money due to its automised process, but simultaneously increase the data quality of our catalogs und give easy-to-use search and inquiry functions in the online catalog”, said Mr. Geiger, marketing leader of VAG Armaturen.

[Translate to English:] Eric Schönel, Simona

After looking in depth at the available PIM systems we opted for ANTEROS and now we’ve optimized our processes significantly. We manage our product data centrally and efficiently in ANTEROS and generate print publications and produce web shops with this software. INCONY has supported us competently and in a customer oriented fashion.


- Eric Schönel, Leader Marketing & Communication of Simona AG

Are you a Product Manager?

Benefit for project managers

Is the coordination of product changes with marketing or an agency still a time-consuming process, in which you have to specify changes more than once? Are these changes often accompanied by correction phases in which often only typos can be identified?
You do not just indicate the changes once but you get reviews several times in which you have to identify typos of others.


Change product data yourself and save time.


With ANTEROS, you can independently enter product data into the product database using easy-to-use forms in an online interface. At the touch of a button, you can view a PDF preview of your updated catalog pages without the need for an Apple computer or specific programs to be installed on your PC. Our fast, automated print-on-demand function that allows you to export catalogs both easily and quicker than many of our competitors is just one of our many functions that lead to our status as technology leader in our field. By using ANTEROS, your company not only saves time and money (with some of our customers like Hella and WTO even reporting a  90%- time save), but you also increase the quality of your product data and the service level for your customers..

[Translate to English:] AnTEROS PIM Software Vorteile für Controller

" ANTEROS enables us to efficiently maintain our very complex products in the PIM system ANTEROS and to automatically output complex pump catalogs. The cooperation was excellent, we were able to implement the project to automate our catalog with 180 pages in 5 languages in only 2.5 months".



- Dr. Abou Dayé, Brinkmann Pumpen.

Are you active in IT?

Benefits for IT professionals

Are there currently several isolated systems in use for product data maintenance in your company and do your colleagues have to update product data separately on all "islands" (i.e. several times)? Are catalogues and price lists still created manually with Indesign or semi-automatically with Database Pubishing? Does product data have to be additionally prepared for retailers or marketplaces (e.g. in formats such as BMEcat, eCl@ss)? Are you interested in bringing these processes together on the IT end and integrating them with your existing systems?


Automated catalog creation,
integrated software components


The standard software ANTEROS optimizes the catalog creation process. Product data is maintained centrally in a system from which print catalogs for various languages as well as web, CD and electronic catalogs depict your product data absolutely up-to-date. ANTEROS offers various interfaces for integration with existing systems, including XML and CSV.


"In such a short time, automation has brought us to an IT innovation level in which we can present our products much better and more up-to-date to our customers. The investments have already paid for themselves in just a few months thanks to time and cost savings in data maintenance," says José-Manuel Ibañez, IT Manager at VAG Armaturen.

José Ibañez, VAG Armaturen

"In such a short time, automation has brought us to an IT innovation level in which we can present our products to our customers much better and more up-to-date. The investments have already paid for themselves in just a few months through time and cost savings in data maintenance."


- José Ibañez, VAG Armaturen

Are you active in controlling?

Controller benefits

Is the degree of automation in your marketing and product management still low, while other areas have already been significantly optimized? Does the repeated maintenance of product data or the manual creation of print catalogs generate enormous personnel costs or costs for your agency? Do the new media such as the internet, retailers' shops or marketplaces mean further cost increases? Do you see an urgent need to optimize these processes?


Save time and money by ANTEROS.


With ANTEROS, even complex product catalogs, price lists, labels and more can be automated from a central database and prepared for print and digital media, hereby created cost-effectively. Our fast, automated print-on-demand function that allows you to export this media both easily and quicker than many of our competitors is just one of our many functions that lead to our status as technology leader in our field. By using ANTEROS, your company not only saves time and money (with some of our customers like Hella and WTO even reporting a  90%- time save), but you also increase the quality of your product data and the service level for your customers.

ANTEROS allows you to offer all this much faster and more up-to-date than ever before, while still ensuring what is exported is individualized and fits your corporate identity. Automate your media export without sacrificing design or cost much quicker and enjoy your newly optimized processes with ANTEROS. 

[Translate to English:] ANTEROS PIM für Controller

"The ANTEROS software is of high quality and flexibility, and the service and flexibility of the INCONY team is great. Despite having relaunched our SAP and set it live only a few days prior, there were no problems with the webshop launch with INCONY."


- Markus Bauer, Mitutoyo Europe.




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