Due to the innovation of the INCONY team and its software awards were won in the last years:

Germany at its best

ANTEROS was honoured in 2012 with the label "Germany at its best" by the Ministry of Economy, Energy, Industry, Trade and Craft of North Rhine-Westphalia.

IT-Best List 2010

ANTEROS was included in the "IT-ranking" of the Initiative Mittelstand in year 2010.

Innovation Award, Category On Demand

INCONY won the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand again in year 2009, now in the category "on demand".

Label of the University Paderborn

In 2008 INCONY won a award as the most successful spin-off of the university Paderborn in the area of electronics-computer science-mathematics of the last several years.

Innovation Award, Category Data Management

INCONY on with the software ANTEROS the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in the category data management in the year 2007.

Catalog Manager of the Year

The INCONY customer Rainer Holthaus from the automotive supplier Hella won the award of the catalog manager of  2006; an independent jury guided the election.

Founders Award

In 2001 INCONY won the "Paderborn founders award" for one of the most innovative start-up companies of the year.

Multimedia Award NRW

Already in 1999, INCONY won the "multimedia award of North Rhine Westphalia" with the software ANTEROS and its media-neutral product data management for print, web, CD.