Leading software solution that enables crossmedial creation of marketing materials

Outperform your competitors with our multi-award winning software designed to generate print catalogs, price lists and data sheets from centrally maintained product data and documents crossmedially at the touch of a button. You can also build web shops, online catalogs and apps from this data.

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Many companies have already benefited from ANTEROS.
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The benefits of cross-media publications with ANTEROS:

  • Create product documents for printing more cost-effectively, faster and more up to date. Thanks to ANTEROS' innovative print technology, even complex catalogs, price lists and data sheets can be generated at the touch of a button. This allows you to create your own catalogs including customer catalogs and excerpt catalogs with minimal effort.
  • Web shops, online catalogs and apps for a product search with convenient search functions, cross-selling and optional ordering functions.
  • Electronic catalogs in BMEcat, DATANORM, eClass, ETIM,... exported with a simple click.
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Unique features of the ANTEROS software

  • The data model is highly adaptable and therefore suitable for even the most complex structured product data.
  • The cross-media functions (print, web, app) are fully integrated into both the product and media database (PIM, MAM).
  • The fastest print engine on the market: generating your PDF catalogs is 20 times more time-efficient than other cross-media publishing systems. This becomes especially important in the final catalog phase, as it allows you to quickly import new prices or other data and generate a new PDF catalog in less than 1 hour. This is made possible by using INCONY's innovative print solution.
  • New business opportunities, such as data sheets on-demand available on your website and customer or retailer catalogs on-demand
  • Web catalogs and web shops can be searched by category and parameter with great precision.
  • Product data and images can be used for print, web and apps via CrossMediaPublishing.
  • Fully web-based user interface
  • Minimised installation / administration costs
  • Software stability and innovation

What customers appreciate about INCONY's Service (according to a customer survey):

  • Competent employees
  • Tailor-made implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Comprehensive availability in terms of time
  • All processes and functionalities can be used in a web-based environment

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