Overview: ANTEROS Modules

ANTEROS has a modular structure, meaning that our customers can start their journey with the basic ANTEROS package and add each needed function later on. The following list provides and overview of all modules currently available, these can be can be individually selected and combined to fit the unique requirements each of our customers have.  

  • ANTEROS.pim lets you maintain product data and product classifications. In addition, you can create texts, parameters, and different product relationships very efficiently in a web based fashion.
  • ANTEROS.mam lets you administrate image, video, audio, and document files centrally in your company. They can be easily retrieved and converted on-demand to other file formats.
  • ANTEROS.mp enables your sales staff, distributors, and customers (if granted the privileges) to search for images in a very user-friendly way and download them in different formats.
  • ANTEROS.tm offers functionality for cutting the time you spend on translation tasks and increases the uniformity of your translations. Text elements are stored in a centralized database. Initial characters of words you type in a data input field are expanded automatically to the complete words or even strings of words (as stored in the dictionary). Translations can be added online or by using MS-Excel tables.
  • ANTEROS.qm to monitor the quality of data in a dashboard, run the displayed inspection reports and create your own reports and quality levels
  • ANTEROS.print provides the functionality required for generating on-demand catalogs, price lists, and data sheets for all or all selected products. ANTEROS.webprint gives your customers access to the print functionality within your web catalog and web shop, e.g. for printing the most up-to-date version of your product data sheets.
  • ANTEROS.web for web shops and web catalogs with user-friendly search functionality, a product comparison list and a shopping basket for orders that will be examined by your sales staff prior to execution (web catalog) or online orders for fully automatic execution (web shop).
  • ANTEROS.wf for workflow-controlled business processes.
  • ANTEROS.label for efficient label creation; a label editor allows you to create masks for the labels, link them to product data, generate labels and even check if there is enough space on the label for all product data.
  • ANTEROS.imex supplies functionality for importing existing product and classification data in CSV or MS-Excel format with a flexible import export framework. Data can be exported for different application areas also in CSV, and MS-Excel format. The ANTEROS.webex module provides also the users of your web catalog and web shop with export functionality.
  • ANTEROS.rest to deeply integrate third-party systems with ANTEROS via REST web services.
  • ANTEROS.bmecat.ex for data export in the BMEcat format.
  • ANTEROS.arge for data export in the Arge format.
  • ANTEROS.idoc.in for a regular import of master data from SAP as MATMAS-iDocs via RFC connection; ANETROS registers itself as a listener with your SAP system. Prerequisite: ANTEROS must be installed in the same network as SAP.
  • ANTEROS.iphone, ANTEROS.android provide apps that come with user-friendly product search functionality for use on iPhones, Android, or other smartphone platforms.
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Are you looking to maintain your product data, images and documents more efficiently in a PIM system and use cross-media publishing to create information portals, web shops, apps or generate print catalogs, data sheets or labels?

The ANTEROS software and its architecture, modules and functions can support you in this. With ANTEROS you can enjoy digitization!


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