Optimized Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM software is a database application that manages, synchronizes and enriches product-related information about a company centrally and makes said information available to a variety of media and systems.

Similar to ERP systems, PIM software plays an important role in companies when it comes to customer-oriented product communication and the related marketing services.


Markus Bauer, Mitutoyo Europe

"ANTEROS is a great PIM system with a large selection of add-on modules. ANTEROS helps us with its quality and flexibility to create a complete digitalization in all business areas. INCONY offers qualified and service-oriented support to match."


- Markus Bauer, Mitutoyo Europe


With ANTEROS, managing your product data becomes very efficient:

  • The more you structure your data the easier you can manage the data: ANTTEROS provides functionalities for assigning classifications, product families, and text elements let you create structures that accommodate your product data and reduce the maintenance work load once your system is in production.
  • Easy creation of classifications: You create one or more classifications to assign your products to product categories, subcategories, etc. By a classification you can search product data easier, employ it as a search structure in the web shop, as table of contents in the print catalog or for exporting data for distributors.
  • An arbitrary number of parameters : Especially in technical fields, products can be described by a number of parameters. ANTEROS lets you attach parameters in a flexible way to the classification tree and make subcategories inherit and overload parameters. In addition, you can combine several parameters to form structured types. You can define parameters as required or optional and predefine a list of possible values / text elements as default values. When entering product data, the system provides pull-down lists with the default values to assist the user.
Simple, efficient data maintenance with ANTEROS.pim
  • User-friendly data entry: Those of your staff in charge of your product data can enter descriptions, parameter values, product photos, and drawings in several tabs in a very easy and well-structured fashion. Product families make it easy to manage image and parameter values efficiently for several product variants.
  • See  who changed what and when: This functionality displays all changes made to the data of each individual product, each product family, category and parameter, but also of the entire system. It shows which user made what changes and on which date and time.
  • Process support: Configurable workflows let you define process steps and staff in charge of them, e.g. to precisely release the status of product data, before they become visible in the web shop.
  • User administration for granting granular privileges: With ANTEROS you can define roles and privileges to access certain data and operations.
  • Multiple char set support: You can enter and administrate product data in different languages. ANTEROS supports the UNICODE character set and assists you not only in updating your data, but also exports print documents, web catalogs, web shops and apps in languages that use various different char sets such as Cyrillic and those required for Chinese and Japanese.