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Product Information Management (PIM, PXM)

A PIM system stores product-related information in a central database. More and more companies are using PIM systems due to the fact that product data is becoming increasingly important in the course of digitalization. Master data from other systems (such as ERP) is often transferred to the PIM and enriched with further data such as marketing texts, translations and images. The PIM is used internally as a knowledge base and externally for customer exports, online stores, catalogs, etc.

“ANTEROS is a professional PIM system with a wide range of additional modules. ANTEROS quality and flexibility helps us to create a complete digitalization in all business areas. INCONY provides qualified and service-oriented support to match.”

Markus Bauer,
Deputy Division Manager at Mitutoyo Europe

PIM / PDM / PXM: Efficient Product Data Maintenance

Companies without a PIM system often maintain product data "on multiple islands" (ERP, Excel, websites, ...). Keeping the data up-to-date on all islands is not only time-consuming, but also bears the risk of not always updating on all islands and of errors creeping in. With a PIM system, all data is maintained centrally and can be changed in one place for multiple purposes. For example, if the product description changes, that change to the product can be easily and quickly changed in the PIM, which will adjust the product description on your website, your exported product catalog, your labels, and all other connected systems without any extra effort. You no longer have to make changes separately on each individual island. This saves a lot of time and at the same time reduces errors in the data. After all, if you have to change the data on 5 different islands and then the phone rings in the meantime, you may have only made the change on 3 islands leaving the old data on 2 islands. Fewer errors in the data can also reduce the complaint rate.


The time and cost savings from a PIM system are enormous.

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Advantages of the ANTEROS PIM System

Good clarity and maintenance

Simple Data Entry

Product data managers can enter product descriptions, parameter values, product photos, etc. in a very simple and structured way. The ANTEROS web interface is very intuitive to use. In fact, one of the first ANTEROS versions was already tested by the Siemens Usability Lab. External test subjects had to solve tasks with ANTEROS and eye tracking glasses were used to analyze at which points of the user interface the users progressed quickly and where less quickly. These findings were not only incorporated into the user interface in this version, but were also important criteria for further improvements from then on.

See Who Changed What and When

You can easily identify which user has made which changes in the system and when, regarding each individual product, category and parameter.

Graphical representation of a workflow

Process Support

Workflows allow you to define the process steps for data maintenance and the respective rights of those responsible. You can set the workflows in ANTEROS in a graphical editor in the standardized notation BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) with process states, transitions, actions and rights. These workflows can be transferred from the Camunda editor to ANTEROS at the push of a button. Subsequently, the processes are managed in ANTEROS according to these steps among the PIM users.

Simple Classification Structure

Create one or more classifications to sort your products into product categories, subcategories, etc. and make them easier to find or use as a search structure in the online store, as a table of contents in the print catalog or for retailer exports. You can also import standard classifications like ECLASS or ETIM.

Check data quality in the dashboard

Data Quality Check

The dashboard provides a clear overview of the quality of all your data in the PIM system, e.g. which products have not yet been categorized, where descriptions are missing, etc. With one click you can edit or export these objects for further processing. Check criteria for this can be created easily and flexibly via check reports and quality levels.

As many Parameters as you Want

Particularly in technical industries, products are described by a large number of parameters. This is where ANTEROS performs particularly well as proven in many projects with automotive and mechanical engineering suppliers, plumbing and heating companies, etc. With ANTEROS you can flexibly anchor parameters in the classification tree, inherit them to subcategories and overload them. In addition, you can combine several parameters into structured types if required. You can also define whether a parameter should have mandatory values in products, set the permissible values / text modules as default values, or use rules and text templates to calculate parameters based on one or multiple other parameters. For example, not only can parameters such as volume be calculated from length, width and height, but a web description of your products can be composed of fixed text elements and product-specific data. When entering product data, default values are displayed as a selection list, thus reducing incorrect entries.

Simple text translation for all data

Support Multiple Alphabets

The ANTEROS PIM system allows you to enter and manage product data in many different languages such as German, Russian, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese, etc. ANTEROS is Unicode-enabled and not only provides data maintenance, but also the output of print documents, web catalogs, online stores and apps in many languages and also different alphabets.

User Administration with Assignment of Rights

Via roles and rights, you can selectively make different data and operations visible to your users in ANTEROS.

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Product data is becoming increasingly important in the course of digitization. To create growth, you need high-quality product information. PIM software can help you maintain your product data much more efficiently, achieve high quality data, and distribute the centrally maintained data to other channels (print, web, app, and exports).


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“The ANTEROS product database allows our technical sales and support to easily and precisely determine the right products based on many technical characteristics. Whereas you have to search for information via 20 transactions in SAP, here you have everything in one convenient overview. We were looking for exactly that, and ANTEROS does it very well.”

Mike Wetzel,
Head of Sales at Heraeus

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What Benefits Do PIM Systems Offer?

Internal Advantages

  • Complete overview of the entire product portfolio
  • All employees in all national companies have access to identical information
  • Significantly reduced search effort for product information for all employees
  • "Single point of truth": Employees can assume that the information compiled in one place is correct, complete, up-to-date and consistent
  • Significantly more efficient maintenance of product data

External Advantages

  • Complete, up-to-date, and consistent source of information for retailers and partners
  • Use of a multi-channel strategy to leverage product data for various print documents, web catalogs, online stores and apps
  • Easier collaboration with logistics companies
  • Flexible and fast preparation of product data for all inquiries from sales and product management
  • Utilization of cross-selling potentials by storing product combinations

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