Building Information Modeling ( BIM )

BIM and the phases of a construction

Introduction to BIM


What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a method of optimizing the planning, execution and management of buildings and other structures using software.

All relevant building data is captured digitally and combined with each other.

The aim of BIM is to make construction projects even more transparent to allow early decisions to be made on alternatives. BIM presents all relevant information at the right time with up-to-date content and this throughout the entire life cycle of the building.



Advantages of BIM:

The advantages of a holistic BIM model are clear:

  • Immediate availability of all current and relevant data for all parties involved
  • Improved exchange of information between planning participants
  • Continuous data preparation throughout the entire life cycle of a building

As a result, the productivity of the planning process can be increased in terms of costs, deadlines and quality.

Reasons to use BIM

All parties involved in construction projects face the challenge of digitizing their construction processes. Due to the infinite number of product data and their different data statuses, it is up to manufacturers and dealers to restructure and organize data with increasing digitalization and networking.


The following specifications put further pressure on construction suppliers to deliver BIM data:

  • The Federal Ministry of Construction requires BIM for building construction projects with a construction sum of 5 million euros or more.
  • The EU requires the Europe-wide introduction of BIM as a planning method.
  • BIM will presumably soon become a legally binding planning method in Germany.
  • These legal constraints are forcing construction suppliers and all companies involved in value creation to provide BIM data based on future standards and to enable digital processes.
  • BIM not only requires the provision of digital product information, but also networking and interaction of interfaces in the digital or virtual building model.

Connecting PIM and BIM - the key to digital product data management

BIM enables optimized planning, realization and management of buildings with the help of software solutions. Relevant product data for construction planning and building management are made available and interconnected. This digitalized organization imposes requirements on the structure, content and availability of product data. Product data management must be digitized to ensure high quality, transparency and homogenization of product data.


Component manufacturers enter their product information (BIM content) into a PIM system to generate BIM-capable data. The PIM system stores product-related information in a media-neutral and central database, meaning that it need only be entered once, and can be enriched and output repeatedly. As a result, the data is stored centrally and is always up-to-date and complete in a single location, the "Single Point of Truth". With BIMsystems solutions, you create a one-time BIM connection and the BIM content is automatically updated.


The result: Digitized storage of construction information in high quality by means of the planning method BIM!

ANTEROS is the technologically leading PIM system ideal for BIM

Use the PIM System ANTEROS to prepare high-quality BIM data and use the data for other purposes
Use the PIM System ANTEROS to prepare high-quality BIM data and use the data for other purposes

With its PIM system ANTEROS, INCONY offers component manufacturers a professional, efficient program for web-based maintenance of product data. ANTEROS provides functions for fully integrated and high-quality product data management:


As a result, the complex requirements in the maintenance of product data become much more efficient, remain up-to-date and are always complete.


INCONY already has numerous customers from the construction supply industry, including manufacturers such as MC-Bauchemie, Oventrop and Sprinz, as well as retailers such as Bauen+Leben and Strössner. Learn more about our customers here.


The BIM export has been created in cooperation with the BIM expert BIMsystems. Through this connection, manufacturers can create BIM content more efficiently and cost-effectively, since manual product data maintenance is a thing of the past. With this reduced effort, the BIM content in BIMsystems' BIM library is always available in its most up-to-date form. As a result, BIM content is also available to planners. By combining the two systems, manufacturers automatically find out how the BIM content they provide is being used in their PIM system.



The essential duo for digitizing construction suppliers


Our PIM software ANTEROS offers you the appropriate modules for comprehensive product data management, enabling you to efficiently maintain your product data and use it for a variety of purposes including BIM, websites, data sheets and other exports.

ANTEROS offers more than just efficient product data maintenance; it also includes various implicit tests and test reports that you can extend, allowing you to create and constantly expand your product data in top quality with comparatively little effort.

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