Building Information Modeling ( BIM )

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a method used to optimize the planning, execution and management of buildings and other structures using software.


All relevant building data is digitally recorded and combined with each other.
The aim of BIM is to make the construction project even more transparent so that alternative decisions can be made at an early stage. BIM presents all relevant information at the right time with current content and this over the entire life cycle of the building.


Advantages of BIM:

The advantages of a holistic BIM model are clear:

  • Improved data quality, as all data has a common data base and is regularly updated.
  • Immediate availability of all current and relevant data for all parties involved
  • Improved exchange of information between planning participants
  • Continuous data preparation throughout the entire life cycle of a building

As a result, the productivity of the planning process can be increased in terms of costs, deadlines and quality.


INCONY supports you, the construction supplier, throughout the whole process with our software ANTEROS.

Our PIM software ANTEROS offers you the appropriate modules for comprehensive product data management, so that you can always export your product data for the BIM construction projects in a suitable way.



ANTEROS not only offers you efficient product data maintenance, but also various implicit tests as well as test reports that you can extend, with which you can create and constantly expand your product data in best quality with comparatively little effort.