Data Exports in Formats such as BMEcat with ETIM/eClass/Proficlass, iDoc, GAEB, GOM,...

ANTEROS overview

Lots of companies benefits from the possibility to manage electronically the product information of their partners and suppliers once in a system. Some firms do their procurement processes electronically. Standards should be used for a common data exchange. All sites have to use one standard languages to understand each other.

INCONY support you in the data processing for the e-business per XML, BMEcat, xCBL, GOM, eCl@ss, ETIM and UNSPSC. With ANTEROS you can manage your data for different e-business systems, e.g. for market places, procurement systems or for you online catalog. If necessary we advice you and carry the conception, implementation and the integration for you.

Important aspects by the data exchange of product data are these following points:

  • Formatting language:
    The language XML (eXtensible Markup Language) established on the internet. With XML you can define your own structure element also know as TAGS. For example you can define a structure element named ARTICLE for replacing article data which also has sub elements such as ARTICLE NAME and ARTICLE PRICE. The receiver of the message understand the content after the sender sent the message with his data in a structural way. After a program receives those data in a understandably way, they can work very systematically.
    Meanwhile several standard XML formats have been established which define rates on TAGS to standardize those structure elements (e.g. article name, article price) for the data exchange. This includes BMEcat, iDoc, GAEB or GOM. Programs can adjusted on these structures to import or export data structures, e.g. to import article data from a supplier into a procurement system of one of their customers. There are also other formatting languages such as CSV (Comma Separated Values) or  EDI/EDIFACT (which certainly required high-priced EDI systems).
  • Classification System:
    Beside of a format language and a right format, a classification system is also needed for the data exchange of product information from a complex structured product program. A classification system structured the products in class of groups, e.g. tools, half-cutting tools, drills. Different classification system have been established, e.g. eCl@ss, ETIM, UN/SPSC, NACE, EDIBATEC.
    Details on classifications…
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Ultilize data Preparation and exports in formats such as BMEcat with ETIM/eClass/Proficlass, iDoc, GAEB, GOM, etc. with the help of our innovative software ANTEROS. The INCONY team has a lot of experience in preparing and connecting even highly complex product information and automated catalog creation!


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