Professional Websites to Ensure Success

If a company wishes to stay competitive it is important for them to utilize the internet a marketing tool. With ANTEROS we can help you become even more successful.


We offer fully implemented pages, but also at request often only optimize the product area, making sure your customers enjoy searching while the maintenance of these products stays efficient. We do this with the help of our award winning software ANTEROS as well as other tools like Typo3 and Magenta if needed.


Professional presentation and convenient search


ANTEROS.web facilitates your website to be searchable for the products you offer. 

Users can browse categories, apply parameters to reduce the search volume and, naturally, perform classic searches by inputting keywords or article numbers. Products are then presented with characteristics, multiple images and stored documents and videos. Cross selling also showsrelationships between searched items and others such as accessories and replacement parts. Our product comparison allows users to liken multiple products, ANTEROS can automatically mark the differences in characteristics.Products that one wishes to buy can be collected in the basket. 


Maintain content efficiently


Product data for the web catalog can be kept in a central database, boosting data efficiency. Images need only be uploaded to ANTEROS once, as the software automatically generates multiple sizes that are needed online. 

Contents for pages such as "About us" etc. can either be maintained by ANTEROS or your current content management system. 


Responsive, for optimal display on PC, tablets and smartphones


INCONY made websites, web catalogs and web shops are user friendly and usable on all kinds of devices (PC, tablets, smartphones).  


Profit from the extensive experience of the INCONY team and its leading webshop and online catalog module ANTEROS.web as well as theapps and ANTEROS.ios