PIM with import/export for automotive formats, print catalogs on demand, web shops and apps

INCONY AG has many years of TecDoc experience and has been carrying out projects for various automotive suppliers for more than 15 years.

Daniel Tiemann (ZF TRW) extolled the software and service of INCONY

"INCONY convinced us with their flexible software, professional product engineering, very high dedication, expertise and good service."

- Daniel Tiemann, TMD Friction

Automotive industry solution from ANTEROS

ANTEROS allows to efficiently maintain product data and their relation to vehicles

The automotive industry solution from ANTEROS provides you with the following modular functions:


  • Central product data maintenance (PIM) of your product data and vehicle links. Not only can you use the TecDoc vehicle master data (manufacturers, models, cars, commercial vehicles), but you can also create additional vehicles, models, vehicles and generic articles, e.g. for agricultural vehicles, motorcycles etc.. This allows you to maintain your entire product range with ANTEROS and not only the products relevant for TecDoc.
  • Import and export of product data in formats like TecDoc, Aces/Pies, XML, CSV, EXCEL,.... In addition, you have more extensive functions than in TecDoc maintenance systems, e.g. to maintain attributes on cross-references, to define workflows, to create quality inspection reports yourself, etc...
  • Interfaces to systems such as ERP, CAD, PLM, shop systems
  • Webshops with convenient search via vehicles, vehicle criteria, product criteria, etc. optional with shopping cart and order integration with the ERP system; customizable for individual customers
  • Apps for the targeted search for your products via vehicles, vehicle criteria, product criteria, etc. optional with shopping cart and order integration with the ERP system; customizable for each customer
  • Fully automated print catalogue generation, even with automated compression of vehicle applications; layout and compression rules can be individually adapted to your wishes
  • Label generation from centrally maintained product data; barcodes can be automatically generated from EAN and Q
Make printed catalogs with ANTEROS

Print catalogs at the touch of a button

  • Print documents can be created at lower costs, faster and more up-to-date
  • You can generate a complete catalog or customer-specific extracts with the use of a web interface – a new trend that’s only economically possible thanks to new technology. You can create specific catalogs for your partners or customers without additional work e.g. a vintage catalog or a catalog only displaying products by a selected customer. These types of catalogs are very popular with most customers.
  • Print catalogs can be generated 10 times faster compared to other systems, this can be an asset during the final printing phase.
  • Even customer specific data compression, which is important for many TecDoc base print catalogs to reduce the number of pages, is automatically processed by ANTEROS.
Marcel Bäumer, ZF TRW

"ANTEROS is the only software that can generate TecDoc catalogs fully automatically. All pages and content are generated automatically, including pictogram overview, vehicle use with compression, information pages and decorative pages. In the past, we would still have to create or rework the majority of this in a mauell typesetting system. As a result of our takeover by ZF, ANTEROS is now also of interest to ZF, as their current STIBO catalog system does not allow fully automatic catalog creation, neither from ZF catalogs nor from existing, already automated TRW catalogs."

- Marcel Bäumer, ZF TRW 

Catalogs and webshops are quick and easy to make with ANTEROS.web

Web catalogs and web shops with convenient search

  • In addition to a specific search function for articles, universal parts and vehicles ANTEROS also provides a combined expert search.
  • Unclear search requests, e.g. without generic articles, are possible.
  • A clear product comparison is provided.
  • Order functions are optionally available (shop).
  • Customers prices and availability can be displayed via a gateway/interface to an ERP/Teccom system.
  • Up-to-date TecDoc data is viewable.
  • Catalog extracts can be generated on-demand via the expert search or by use of a collecting folder.
Rainer Holthaus, Hella

"I was very enthusiastic about the development time of the international webshops. The system integration in only 3 months worked very well. The feedback of the national companies is almost too good, now all countries want to have such a webshop, which also brings an image gain for the company. The number of orders received is growing significantly."

- Rainer Holthaus, Hella

Automated Data Acquisition

  • With ANTEROS TecDoc data can be automatically imported daily and in an automated way
  • If needed, more product information and images can be added or imported from other systems. Even product segments for different markets (e.g. America, motorbikes, etc.) can be inserted.

Convenient Media Administration

  • Images and documents can be managed efficiently and web-based.
  • Images can be converted to other formats on demand.