Our Satisfied Customers

Mr. Schönel, Simona

Eric Schönel, Head of Marketing & Communications, Simona AG

After looking in depth at the available PIM systems we opted for ANTEROS and now we’ve optimized our processes significantly. With ANTEROS, we generate material and safety data sheets in different languages on button-press. In addition our complex structured product catalogs can be generated fully automatically and without InDesign rework. We manage our product data centrally and efficiently in ANTEROS and generate print publications and produce our web catalog and CD catalogs with this software. INCONY has supported us competently and in a customer oriented fashion.

Mr. Holthaus, Hella

Rainer Holthaus, Head of International Product Documentation, Hella KgaA Hueck & Co.

“Even though Hella has already been using some state of the art IT systems, we were surprised by the user-friendly and flexible data management functionality ANTEROS comes with. While the system is running, we can add in web forms search criteria and features. It’s this web-based user interface that enables us to update data efficiently together with our subsidiaries in other countries in the first place. Our German, Mexican and US staff received highly qualified and effective support from INCONY.”

Mr. Möller, Mubea

Rudolf Möller, Sales Manager Aftermarket, Mubea

“In our project we received a competent support by INCONY. We have decided for the software ANTEROS due to its extensive search functions, the simple data maintenance and the interfaces to ERP systems. INCONY understood our requirements very well, spoke understandable with us and not in IT language and managed the project professionally.”

Mr. Haddad, Fabdec

Ghassan Haddad, Managing Director, fabdec Ltd

"We can efficiently generate spare parts catalogs with ANTEROS in five different languages. Therefore we are well prepared for the respective markets. With ANTEROS we can generate catalogs with current data and handle customer request for electronic product data very quickly."

Mr. Fischer, Fischer Elektronik

Mr. Fischer, Managing Director, Fischer Elektronik

“With ANTEROS you can achieve a very high degree of automation. For the print catalogs, agency costs are cut by 100%. By print preview, we see immediately the result of changes and we can generate not only complete catalogs but also extract catalogs. Nevertheless we could realize the layout of wide product range in our required layouts which is possible by the flexible print rules of ANTEROS.
ANTEROS could generate our complex catalogs at a quality level we didn’t find at other software vendors. In addition, we can equip our Web/CD catalogs with a very sophisticated search functionality. The integration with the Content Management System Typo3 ran without any problems.”

Mr. Ibañez, VAG Armaturen

Mr. Ibañez, Project Manager, VAG Armaturen

“The automation moved us within a very short time on a level of IT innovation that lets us present our products much better and in a more up-to-date fashion. The investment has paid off in just a few months since we could considerably cut the time required for updating data.”

Mr. Tschiggfrei, WTO

Sascha Tschiggfrei, Managing Director of WTO

“We are impressed by the speed and the quality the ANTEROS solution generates our price lists, data sheets, equipment lists and product catalogs. While we had to maintain data in multiple applications in the past, it’s done only once in ANTEROS. About 90% of the data update work could be eliminated. The web view of the system gives our distributors the chance to interactively retrieve up-to-date information in a very precise way. Communication with them has become much more efficient now since many types of calls which used to belong to our daily routines have become redundant.”

Mr Lehmann, VDMA

Jörn Lehmann, Project Manager of the VDMA-e-market
“VDMA recognized the technical possibilities of ANTEROS software at an early stage, especially for technical industries. We started working with the INCONY team in 1997 and together with many VDMA companies we have supplied INCONY with important input. During the years of our cooperation, we have come to appreciate a lot the know-how and the reliability of INCONY.”