Benefit from our Customers' Experiences

INCONY has already successfully completed numerous projects. The following sections describe some of our customers' experiences with our services.


User report by Simona
  • User report by Simona:

    Conversion to new PIM with fully automatic processes
    Simona already had a database-based system for print catalog generation, it however, required elaborate follow-ups of the semi-automated print documents generated from the database. After switching to ANTEROS, catalogs and data sheets now come out of the system fully automatically in the various languages. Eric Schönel, Head of Marketing & Communication at Simona, said of the project: "After intensive market research into PIM systems, we decided on ANTEROS and have since significantly optimized our processes. INCONY supported us very competently and customer-oriented."
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User report by Mubea
  • User report by Mubea:

    Webshop with comfortable search and connection to ERP
    Mubea offers its customers an efficient search for their products in the new ANTEROS-based Webshop. Existing customers see their negotiated prices and can order by invoice, new customers receive the list prices and can pay by credit card, Paypal and cash on delivery. Sales Manager Hr. Möller on the project: "In our shop project, we were very competently supported by INCONY. We chose the software ANTEROS after a long research phase due to the extensive search functions, the simple data maintenance and the interfaces to ERP systems. INCONY understood our requirements well, explained everything in a way we could easily understand and managed our project very professionally."
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  • User report by OBETA:
    Conversion from semi-automatic to fully automated print generation incl. ERP and Webshop connection
    The retailer already had template-based automation, but had to rework the catalog in Indesign for several weeks. With ANTEROS, all pages are automatically exported as desired, Indesign is no longer necessary for the product and directory pages. Christopher Adler from OBETA on the project: "With ANTEROS we can systematize our data very well and thus maintain it much more efficiently. ANTEROS has saved us an enormous amount of work when it comes to the layout of the print catalog. In the past we needed six months to create a catalog with our template-based print system, with ANTEROS the same is possible in just 6 weeks. We primarily concentrate on data maintenance and now have a time saving of 75% - even though we had already partially automated. In addition, it takes less than an hour to print a complete catalog with ANTEROS, compared to more than 30 hours with the old system. "

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  • User report by Hella:
    Catalog automation in several national companies
    Employees in various company sites can generate complete catalogs, e.g. an electronic catalog for Mexico, but also excerpt catalogs, such as a Ford promotion brochure. The print generation can be started with just a few clicks via web forms. In addition, the ANTEROS web catalog allows comfortable searches in the numerous products. Rainer Holthaus, Head of Data Management for Independent Aftermarket Sales at Hella, said: "Although Hella already has some modern IT systems in use, we were amazed by the convenient and flexible data management system from ANTEROS. Even in the current system, search criteria or feature types can be added via easy-to-use web forms. The web interface makes joint data management with the national companies only possible efficiently. The support of the INCONY team for our employees in Germany, Mexico, USA and South Africa is very qualified and purposeful. "
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