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INCONY serves clients from a variety of industries and company sizes, ranging from 10 employees up to several thousand. Here we have listed some of INCONY's customers for you.

Automotive Suppliers

Automotive suppliers are part of the automotive supply chain in their role as companies that supply automobile manufacturers with individual parts or entire assemblies. A special feature of this industry is the prevailing data standard TecDoc, which was created by a merger of many manufacturers. The ANTEROS solution for the automotive sector provides INCONY with a suitable software solution that enables automotive suppliers to maintain product data more efficiently, especially when TecDoc data does not cover the entire portfolio.

For your convenience, we have summarized the most important details of the most important ANTEROS features for automotive suppliers.

Automotive Supplier ZF WABCO
Automotive Supplier CORTECO
Automotive Supplier Elsässer Filtertechnik
Automotive Supplier Meyle
Automotive Supplier NSK
Automotive Supplier Valeo

Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers

Electronic components and solutions are used in a wide range of applications. Regardless of whether, for example, products for component deheating, power supply or reception and distribution technology are involved, the necessary and at times complex technical parameters can be well structured and clearly maintained with ANTEROS.

We have summarized the most important ANTEROS features for the electrical industry here.

Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer Alutronic
Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer Comat RELECO
Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer JEAN MÜLLER
Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer Peak electronics
Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer PHOENIX CONTACT
Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer Woertz

Construction Suppliers (Building Services, Building Materials, ...)

The construction supply industry covers the entire range of demands for construction inputs, regardless of whether they are for national or foreign companies or private households. From pipe systems to fittings and radiators to insulation materials, you can find everything for construction here.

We have summarized the most important ANTEROS features for the construction industry here.

Construction Supplier Bauen + Leben
Construction Supplier CTA
Construction Supplier Granol
Construction Supplier GuRaTec
Construction Supplier Herzbach
Construction Supplier Kaimann
Construction Supplier Mepa
Construction Supplier Minimax
Construction Supplier Strössner
Construction Supplier SPRINZ
Construction Supplier svt
Construction Supplier TS Aluminium

Agricultural Suppliers

In addition to products such as milk and cooling tanks, attachments and kits for harvesting machines and, most importantly, spare and repair parts for these products are supplied by suppliers to the agricultural industry. With exploded views included in the store and hotspots set by ANTEROS, locating and ordering the spare parts you need has never been so easy.

Suppliers for Administration and Transport

Suppliers of traffic management benefit from the ANTEROS software, e.g. for the maintenance of product ranges around traffic signs, parking benches or spare parts for waste collection vehicles.

Administration and Transport Burri
Administration and Transport Swarco

Machinery, Components

This category includes companies whose day-to-day business consists of the production and distribution from individual construction machines to systems and machines for the textile industry or commercial shipping. ANTEROS can streamline the processes within such companies. The PIM system can be used to overcome the problems of Big Data and complex dependencies.

Machinery, Components EWE
Machinery, Components Memminger IRO
Machinery, Components Protechna
Machinery, Components Raytheon Anschütz
Machinery, Components Spectron
Machinery, Components Voss
Machinery, Components Zeppelin Baumaschinen

Fashion, Lifestyle

The variety of colors and designs is rarely more pronounced than in the fashion and lifestyle industries. The textile and clothing industry as well as in the manufacture of household goods, offer a large quantity of products. In order to keep track of such a large number of products, product data maintenance with ANTEROS offers a wide variety of ways to categorize them and check their quality.

Fashion, Lifestyle Alfi
Fashion, Lifestyle Euroleder
Fashion, Lifestyle Hessnatur
Fashion, Lifestyle Marabu
Fashion, Lifestyle Thermos

Publishers, Media

Thanks to ANTEROS, publishers are not only able to generate print-ready documents for technical books completely automatically, but also to generate and integrate the complexly structured directories automatically. With the option to maintain multiple publications in at the same time within ANTEROS, all the planned publications can be maintained and edited in the system at the same time without complications.

Publishers, Media WIN-Verlag
Publishers, Media Theissen Medien Gruppe
Publishers, Media VDMA-Verlag

Tools, Measuring Devices

When maintaining product data for tools and measuring devices, flexible parameter definitions, multiple categorization and the simple assignment of photos and drawings from ANTEROS are key features. This allows the many product characteristics to be managed precisely and efficiently. In addition, ANTEROS can be used to generate data sheets, catalogs and labels 100% automatically or to build online shops and apps.

Tools, Measuring Devices Acme
Tools, Measuring Devices Condor
Tools, Measuring Devices Flossbach
Tools, Measuring Devices Werkzeug Eylert
Tools, Measuring Devices Thieme

Furniture, Shopfitting

The furniture and shopfitting industries often feature many product variants and, in some cases, a lot of technical characteristic data, as well as images and accompanying documents, which require efficient maintenance in the product and image database.

Furniture, Shopfitting POS Tuning
Furniture, Shopfitting Schäfer Werke
Furniture, Shopfitting Vieler

Chemistry, Plastics

When it comes to the chemical industry and the production of plastics, the focus of product data is often on the complex composition of substances and information on safe handling. Thus, not only can the complex data be efficiently maintained with ANTEROS, but safety data sheets, material data sheets, labels or even complex structured catalogs with pivot tables can also be generated at the push of a button.

Chemistry, Plastics Licefa
Chemistry, Plastics Total

Medicine, Pharmaceuticals

Medical technology involves technical products with various technical characteristics that need to be maintained in a structured and efficient manner. Print generation of catalogs or data sheets as well as web catalogs or web stores are becoming increasingly interesting in this industry as well.

Medicine, Pharmaceuticals Confidentia Trading
Medicine, Pharmaceuticals Dürr Dental
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