INCONY Customer Projects/ Reports

The ANTEROS software is used by companies of different sizes in various industries such as the automotive, fashion, sanitary, heating industries, and many more. We have compiled experience reports on ANTEROS projects. 

In addition to presenting the ANTEROS software, we also cover services that will make your catalog, PIM, print or web project a success: from consulting and conception to design, software customization, data preparation, integration of existing systems, support, maintenance and hosting for your benefit.


[Translate to English:] PIM für komplexe Produktdaten und Printautomatisierung

PIM, Print

PIM system for complex data 

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[Translate to English:] Vortrag der Firma Mitutoyo über Webshops mit SAP-Integration

Online Shops, SAP

International online shops with SAP integration

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[Translate to English:] Die Firma Heraeus über PIM mit SAP-Anbindung Web

Online und offline

Product Database with Online and Offline Access

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[Translate to English:] Vortrag der Firma Rapid Technic zu PIM und Printautomatisierung

PIM, Print

Generate price lists and catalogs fully automatically

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Automating print generation with ANTEROS

PIM, Print

Fully Automated Print Generation with ANTEROS

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[Translate to English:] Hella-Vortrag zu PIM, TecDoc, Print

PIM, Tecdoc, Print

Print automation with SAP and TecDoc data

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Free software demo

Softwaredemo for the PIM System ANTEROS - convince yourself!

With INCONY you can outperform the competition.

Are you planning to introduce a PIM system in order to maintain your product data much more efficiently? Are you interested in what is possible with the technologically leading PIM system ANTEROS and how far you can optimize your processes with it? Get ahead with the technology leader and request your free software demo now!

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