ANTEROS - the leading-edge PIM and Crossmedia software

As digitalization progresses, product data is becoming increasingly important. People are already talking about the new gold for companies.

ANTEROS provides with a wide range of functionalities to help you make professional and efficient web-based changes to your product data. In addition, ANTEROS lets you publish this data for apps, printed media, online shops, CDs, and electronic catalogs.


Unlike most other PIM systems, ANTEROS fully integrates these high-quality features, allowing you to streamline the digitization of product data tasks in a structured and efficient manner.

By using the software and services of INCONY you can reach the highest degree of automation for your data maintenance. In addition, INCONY adapts the software to your layout and functional requirements, customized for each customer.

ANTEROS has a modular structure, meaning that our customers can start their journey with the basic ANTEROS package and add each needed function later on. From product data management, media asset management, quality control, automated print export of catalogs, price lists, labels and more, ANTEROS has something for you. Each package can be tailor-made, meaning you only select the functions you need. 

In terms of service, INCONY provides each customer with their own personal account manager, who can be reached directly and knows of your problems well. There is no service hotline to deal with, no queued phone line and changing support staff. We take our customers' needs seriously and understand that a personal approach to the wants and needs of each individual customer leads to both a quicker solution of most problems as well as higher customer satisfaction overall. 



PIM and Crossmedia Software ANTEROS: Winner of several awards

Do you want to manage your product data, images and documents more efficiently in a single PIM system? Do you want to use cross-media publishing to build information portals, web stores, apps or generate print catalogs, data sheets or labels?

INCONY assists you in meeting these requirements with its technologically leading software ANTEROS as well as with comprehensive services.

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