Rely on our Service

INCONY provides you with a wide range of services in order to lead your project to success. You can expect the following from us:

  • Reliability: immediate support in the first call, rarely a recall or a longer process.
  • We provide each customer with a project leader which is his single face to INCONY. You do not have to contact an anonym hotline.
  • Contact persons are available almost all day for you.
  • Competent service: We quickly solve your problems from one hand. Wide reaching IT and media expertise.
  • Quick realization of customer’s needs.
  • We understand and speak the “language of the customers” due to our deep project experience.
  • Short response time. No wait loops.
  • Project leader can be contacted directly.
  • Our friendly and inconspicuous staff is multilingual
  • We provide you on request with full service: from conception and data preparation over layout and design to printing and hosting
Jörn Lehmann, VDMA

"In our long-term collaboration we have appreciated the knowhow and reliability of INCONY."

- Jörn Lehmann, VDMA