Webshops with a direct connection to TecDoc and SAP

Hella is a globally positioned family-owned company with over 100 locations in more than 35 countries, specializing in innovative lighting systems and vehicle electronics. A technological leader, Hella has been an important partner to the automotive industry and the aftermarket for over a hundred years.

ANTEROS automatically generates print documents and webshops

Hella has been using the cross-media software ANTEROS since 2003, when print catalogues were first generated with ANTEROS.print in the various areas. For some time now, webshops have also been set up in the various national companies. ANTEROS not only has a direct connection to SAP for Hella, but also transfers vehicle and article data in TecDoc format from the DMM.

Reasons to choose international webshops

In the past, foreign dealers and garages were handled by over 60 employees via telephone at Hella. This procedure, however, was extremely time-consuming and required a lot of manpower. Furthermore, accessibility was limited: with lines being busy and no feasible way to implement 24-hour service. 



All these problems can be solved by international webshops supported by ANTEROS.


However, Hella did not want to set up webshops for everyone - i.e. the actual end customers - choosing rather to maintain the existing 3-level sales via wholesalers.

Instead, the new webshops were only intended for authorized dealers and garages, and thus for registered customers, allowing the ordering process to be personalized.

Rainer Holthaus, Hella

"I was very enthusiastic about the development time of the international webshops. The system integration in only 3 months worked very well. The feedback of the national companies is almost too good, now all countries want to have such a webshop, which also brings an image gain for the company. The number of orders received is growing significantly."


- Rainer Holthaus, Hella

Functions provided by the webshops

Hella vehicle search

Convenient searches

The Hella Web Shops allow customers to search for products conveniently and with various search functions:

  • via product categories, such as headlights -> front lights
  • via vehicles, in the usual automotive manner via manufacturer (such as Audi), via model (such as A4) or vehicle
  • via different identifiers, such as article number, OEM number, EAN, etc.
  • via parameters, e.g. year of manufacture between 2000 and 2010 or installation side=front left
    with keywords

These searches can also be combined, e.g. first restrict the vehicle, then the product type, year of manufacture, etc.

Additionally, the web shop stores a history for each customer, which includes the vehicles they have previously searched for, allowing you to search for several products required for a certain vehicle. This can be advantageous e.g. if several parts of the vehicle have to be replaced after an accident.

Product comparison

Product comparisons

If customers want to compare similar products, a web shop implemented with ANTEROS offers the function of product comparison. To do this, the webshop user can put the relevant products in a comparison folder and can thus compare the characteristics of the products in a targeted manner. The compiled products are displayed in different columns and their criteria in rows. In order to quickly recognize the differences between the products criteria with different values are highlighted.

Once the customer has decided on one or more products and placed them in the shopping basket, the prices are recalculated here if the quantity or delivery option have changed. In addition, the shopping basket can be saved by ANTEROS interfaces, loaded by EXCEL data and linked with data from SAP, e.g. delivery address. In addition to the saved shopping baskets, the web shop can also display an order overview of completed orders and orders currently being processed.
Naturally, manufacturers and garages can still contact Hella via telephone. In this case, the ANTEROS Webshop offers the possibility for Hella to act on behalf of a customer within the webshop and thus place an order for them.

International Webshops


Since the Hella Web Shops can only be used by authorized, registered dealers and garages, the customers are not only shown the list price for the products, but also their customer-specific price.

Once the customer has found relevant products after searching and, if necessary, comparing them, they can put these products in a shopping basket. The availability of said product is displayed in the shopping cart.

While many of these functions are also common in typical webshops such as Amazon, the shopping basket import is unusual for these shops, but is important for Hella dealers and garages: they can load products into the shopping basket using EXCEL in order to prepare orders very quickly. It is also possible to save shopping baskets so that repeat orders can be implemented quickly.

In addition, the dealer can choose from several delivery addresses previously stored in Hella's SAP system in the web shop and does not have to enter them themself.

Interfaces to SAP and import of TecDoc data

Hella uses ANTEROS interfaces to import vehicle and product data from TecDoc and master data from SAP. There is also a function interface via web services between ANTEROS and SAP for the following functions:

  • Display customer prices:  ANTEROS transfers the customer number (from the user data) and a list of article numbers to SAP and receives the customer prices of these articles and displays them in the shopping cart or other product lists.
  • Display availability of products: ANTEROS transfers the customer number and article numbers as well as order quantity of a shopping cart and SAP returns which of the products are available in the quantity until when.
  • Order transfer: with the data from the shopping cart together with customer number, the selected shipping method and the selected delivery address, the order is transferred from ANTEROS to SAP.

Hella employees themselves also use the Webshop

By the way, manufacturers and garages can still contact Hella by telephone. In this case, the ANTEROS Webshop offers the possibility that Hella can act on behalf of a customer in the Webshop and thus place an order for him.

Hella is extremely satisfied and is setting up webshops with ANTEROS in numerous countries

The introduction of the ANTEROS-based web shops resulted in significant time saved for Hella. Additionally, they can now offer their customers a 24-hour ordering option and their entire product range at a glance. This has resulted in an increase in incoming orders ever since the first web shop was implemented and in an improved image on the international market. 

For this reason, ANTEROS-based webshops are now being set up for more and more Hella national companies.

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