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Bogner Leather

BOGNER LEATHER is synonymous with precious leather and modern, hard-wearing materials, classic fine bag-making craftsmanship and preciously refined clasps and locks, intelligent formats and a functional interior.

With their wide range of products it has become increasingly necessary for them to be able to quickly and easily create up-to-date catalogs that showcase their assortment. This is why they use the catalog creation software ANTEROS.


Challenges within the trading sector

Bogner Leather adapts its product range several times a year in order to quickly adapt to customer wishes and trends. New products are presented at trade fairs and, depending on order behavior, products are taken out of the range or, if new trends are identified, additional products are added. Each salesperson is expected to carry a catalog with the current product overview at the fairs, and the complete catalog is sent to retailers twice a year. That's about ten different catalog versions each year. Additionally, the company plans to create excerpt catalogs in the future in order to target specific collections for sales promotion.


Create excerpt catalogs at the push of a button

With the introduction of the ANTEROS catalog system, BOGNER LEATHER created several current complete catalogs and the "First Season" excerpt catalog themselves at the push of a button.

A simple half day training course was all that was needed for BOGNER LEATHER to become acquainted with ANTEROS. During this short introduction to the software, they learnt how to delete products from the system at any time and add new products, as well as independently extend and change the data model (product categories, parameter definitions).

Both catalogs and price lists can be retrieved directly from the ANTEROS web interface in PDF format at the touch of a button, without employees having to install or familiarize themselves with layout programs such as Indesign.

Quote from BOGNER LEATHER regarding the project "Create catalogs at the push of a button".

Ingo Kaiser, managing partner of BOGNER LEATHER, describes the project as follows: "With ANTEROS, we can now create our catalogs within mere minutes. We are amazed by the comprehensive and intuitive functions. Create catalogs at the push of a button enable us to quickly reflect trends in our catalogs without incurring any typesetting costs. When creating excerpt catalogs, we can use masks to specify which product groups are to be included in the catalog, as well as which data should be displayed (e.g. with or without purchase prices). Our retailers appreciated not only the topicality but also the high quality of the catalogs in terms of layout and photos".

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