Take Advantage of the Experience of Others

INCONY managed successfully several projects. In the following some user reports are given.

We would also like to send you a complete document with several user reports per e-mail or post.

  • User Report from JUNG PUMPEN:
    Ordering Spare Parts online

    The producer of pumps JUNG PUMPEN optimized the order of spare parts. In the past the company receives order by telephone or fax and frequently required request but today the customers order spar parts 24 hours a day. The product search results von the pumps trough explosion drawing where customers can put the order into the cart.
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  • User Report from Bogner:
    Catalog on demand for Fashion Shops

    The fashion producer Bogner Leather can generate their catalogs and lists of prices per button-press from the web surface of ANTEROS into PDF format without installation of typesetter program such as Adobe InDesign on the computer.
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  • User Report from ASV Stübbe:
    Updating Product data in a Single Step for Print, Web, CD and DATANORM

    The producer of plastic fittings and pumps ASV Stübbe automated their 400 pages product catalog just in 3 months. The complex structured product data were taken from existing systems and print catalogs can be generate with button-press in different languages. Companies get their own interactive web and CD catalog where customers can find their products and download tender specifications or data in DATANORM format trough the standard functionality of the selected catalog system.

    Klaus Warnecke, Managing Leader of ASV Stübbe says to the importance of the project:
    ”Product information will be more strategically important for companies and will be request in different and new formats. With ANTEROS we can manage individual customer request independently and at lower cost.”
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