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The Advantages of ANTEROS

Our award-winning software ANTEROS offers multiple advantages as well as the most suitable modules for both large and small companies.

Achieve Success Easily and Efficiently

Save time with ANTEROS

Time Saving up to 90%

  • Highly efficient product data maintenance, through functions such as inheritance, product families, default values, calculation rules, object and relationship types, suitable for even sophisticated technical products
  • Review and improve data rapidly with clear, custom review reports displayed on the dashboard
  • Extremely fast translation thanks to translation support, text reuse, calculation rules and text modules
  • Create catalogs, price lists, and data sheets 100% automated; No rework in InDesign needed (unlike other competing PIM solutions), even for complex technical catalogs
Brief introductory with ANTEROS

Brief Introductory Period

  • Intuitive handling, proven in the Siemens Usability Lab using eye tracking glasses
  • Operational, ready-to-use PIM system
  • The INCONY team has extensive experience in PIM and cross-media projects since 1996
  • Many fully integrated modules, mean less effort is required for interfaces
Quick product search in ANTEROS

Quick and Straightforward Processing of Product Data

  • Find products faster using categories, parameters, keywords, quality reports, and workflow states
  • Concise editors allowing fine-structured data management in the PIM
  • Maintaining shared data in product series efficiently
  • Link products with ease via various configurable dependency types, such as accessory, spare part, replacement part, engine, manufacturer, etc.
  • Easily assign of images, documents and videos, including attributes like image title
  • Fully customizable data model to effectively maintain even complex structured data
Quick media search in ANTEROS

Edit Images and Documents Quickly and Easily

  • Quick browsing via categories, parameters, keywords, quality reports, and workflow states
  • Upload images, documents and videos with ease by using drag&drop or a Hotfolder
  • Media objects metadata is imported and can be edited in ANTEROS
  • Images are automatically converted during upload
  • Various file formats (.tif, .eps, .jpg, .png, .pdf as well as several others) available
  • Different color models (RGB, CMYK) available
Many interfaces in ANTEROS

Data Migration and Linking with Other Systems

  • Various import formats to transfer existing data into the PIM - initially or regularly, e.g. CSV, Excel, XML (e.g. GOM, BMEcat), TecDoc, ...
  • Easy linking to / from systems such as ERP, CAD, PLM, etc. via REST API
  • A variety of export formats in order to supply PIM data to other systems, distributors or business partners, e.g. CSV, Excel, XML (e.g. GOM, BMEcat), TecDoc, Arge, ...
  • Create your own export formats in the export profile editor in just a few clicks
Simple extension of ANTEROS

Fast System Expansion

  • No complicated framework for initial system setup, unlike some of the competitors
  • Many, fully integrated modules can be activated step-by-step
  • ANTEROS is ready-to-use
  • No additional interfaces for an image database, document system, catalog creation and translation system unlike some of our competitors

“Despite the fact that Hella already uses several modern IT systems, we really were amazed by the modularity and the convenient and flexible data management ANTEROS has to offer.”

Rainer Holthaus,
Catalog Manager at Hella
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