Are you Product Manager or Technical Writer?

Is the coordination of product changes with your marketing department or your marketing agency still a time-consuming process?
You do not just indicate the changes once but you get reviews several times in which you have to identify typos of others.


Change product data easily by your own and save time.


By using ANTEROS you can type in the product data in easy-to-use forms on your own. You even receive a PDF preview on demand with the catalog page(s) including the current data, without requiring a Macintosh computer or any extra layout applications on your computer. Your company does not just save time and money (Hella and WTO even saved 90%!), but you will raise the quality of your product data and the service level for customers, too.


“The input and editing of product data  is quite easy by using Web forms. At the beginning of the project we could even import existing product data from the old PDF catalog”, said Mr. Brüser, product manager of Fischer Elektronik.