INCONY and our Partners: Competence and the Best Service for you

INCONY and our partners have been carrying out projects with the award-winning software ANTEROS for more than 20 years. We help companies maintain their product data much more efficiently and help them create print catalogs, price lists and data sheets, as well as online shops, online catalogs and apps generated fully automatically from this product data.

Together with our partners we assist numerous ANTEROS customers from various industries and of varying company sizes.

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INCONY's Partners

The following list showcases some of our partners. These are competent and trusted companies with which we have executed multiple successful projects. Though it should not be forgotten that INCONY also carries out independent projects in Germany and Austria.

Semaino logo

Semaino offers software components to read data and to convert it into other formats via mapping rules. INCONY has integrated some of their software components with ANTEROS to extend the possibilities import and export have to offer.

ITEK logo

ITEK organizes B2B processes within industries and between companies. In particular its software Open Datacheck offers various exports for the sanitary, heating and air conditioning sector. This is the field in which INCONY and ITEK work together.

BIMsystems logo

PIM and BIM will become important for many construction suppliers in the future enabling them to know exactly where which parts are installed in buildings. BIMsystems is a specialist in the field of Building Information Management (BIM) and supports INCONY with expert knowledge and software components in projects when it comes to extracting suitable BIM data from the PIM system.

PPA communications logo

PPA communications carries out ANTEROS projects in Switzerland. The company was founded in 1986 and is an owner-managed agency for marketing, advertising and the specialized field of catalog software. The company places great value on comprehensive consulting and support.

Unilab Systemhaus logo

The unilab system house is a specialist for integrated IT/telecommunications solutions and services for medium-sized companies. In addition to a few other IT packages, the software portfolio of the system house also includes the software ANTEROS.

iwelt logo

As an Internet agency, iwelt AG offers services related to web solutions such as websites, online shops and apps. This also includes the connection of web solutions to the PIM system ANTEROS.

ObjectCode Logo

ObjectCode offers a 3D product configurator for variant-rich products. This allows INCONY online store customers to use convenient product configurations from an ANTEROS online store and ObjectCode customers to efficiently maintain configurator data in a PIM system.

VegaSystems Logo

VegaSystems offers the most modern and sustainable colocation data center in the city of Paderborn. The company offers a high-performance hosting platform for INCONY thanks to their certified facility according to the ISO 27001 standard and their data center constructed according to DIN 50600 standards. 

Gravit Media logo

Gravit Media is a creative agency that conceives and designs brand and corporate communications in print, online and 3D. INCONY works together with Gravit Media in customer projects, among other things to add 3D effects to product photos.

Mediaprint logo

The Mediaprint Group is a solution provider for needs-based advertising, media and print products. With a total of 500 employees, they focus on large and small to medium-sized companies in the D/A/CH region.

Unirez Information Technology logo

Unirez has been a software and consulting partner for medium-sized companies for almost 50 years. The SAP environment is an important area of business and here Unirez and INCONY work together upon customer request.

Resolto logo

Resolto, a company of the Festo Group, offers configuration options for variant-rich products with the 2D/3D product configurator CONFIGON. Interfaces enable (1) efficient maintenance of configurator data in the PIM and (2) convenient product configurations from an ANTEROS online store.

Antenna House logo

Antenna House offers powerful software components for high volume, automated document formatting and conversion needs. AH Formatter is the rendering component which INCONY uses for the print engine ANTEROS.print to convert an intermediate print language into PDF format.

INCONY and its partners

Competence and the best service for you

INCONY strives to provide all customers with the very best service. We work with many other companies to provide the best experience for our customers.

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