More sustainability at INCONY

INCONY is Committed to Sustainability

We believe sustainability is an integral part of the success of a digital transformation and thus very important for INCONY as a technological leader for PIM software. Sustainability contributes to the formation of long-term values among our customers, employees and other stakeholders and guarantees sustainable growth.

Company Building for Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Many sustainability factors were taken into account in the construction of the new INCONY building


INCONY has just built the most energy-efficient company building in the entire Paderborn Technology Park. We want to offer our INCONY team a pleasant indoor climate and have provided heat and cold regulation as well as controlled ventilation. Further employee comfort is provided by a roof terrace on the 5th floor with a magnificent view of Paderborn's city center, a large social room and a fitness room.

At the same time, the new building meets the KfW40-EE standard, making it the most energy-efficient building in the Paderborn Technology Park. In doing so, we want to make a contribution to active climate protection. According to the KfW40-EE standard, a building requires a maximum of 40% of the value of the annual primary energy demand permitted under the Energy Saving Ordinance and must generate at least 55% of the energy required to supply the building with heating and cooling using renewable energies. For this purpose, the roof of the new INCONY building is fully equipped with photovoltaic panels, the heating and cooling regulation is done by an intelligently controlled heat pump and the ventilation system recovers energy from the heat of the used air.

Actions with a Positive Impact on People and the Environment

When it comes to sustainability, the following challenges matter to us:



Operating as a responsible employer

Adding value for customers through sustainable and innovative solutions
Ethics and supply chain
Ethics and Supply Chain

Ethical and fair conduct throughout INCONY's sphere of influence

Best possible environmental management throughout the company

Measures that Have Already Been Implemented

Electricity from wind power, photovoltaic plants and biogas for INCONY

Renewable Energies

INCONY AG switched to the electricity provider WestfalenWIND Strom in 2010 and has been covering electricity needs from renewable energy sources ever since. This electricity provider mainly obtains electricity from wind energy plants in the Paderborn district. The Paderborn region is known as the wind center of NRW with many wind turbines, especially along the A33 and A44 highways. Thus, INCONY not only focuses on sustainability through this electricity provider, but also saves costs thanks to a special electricity tariff. The tariff states that companies and households from the Paderborn area, who agree to have a view of the energy plants, receive a more favorable electricity rate. Even hosting with INCONY can be done with electricity from renewable energy sources, since INCONY's enterprise hosting partner, VEGA Systems, also gets the electricity for its servers purely from renewable energy sources.

With around 550 wind turbines, 12,000 photovoltaic systems and 50 bio-gas plants, the Paderborn district has already been producing significantly more renewable electricity than is consumed locally since 2018.

Sustainability through Digitization

INCONY not only helps its customers to digitalize their processes through INCONY software, but has also committed to implementing many future-oriented ideas internally, resulting in a lot of digitalization and environmental protection:

  • Many employees work from their home offices, which saves them a lot of travel and thus fuel and electricity.
  • Nearly all work in customer projects is carried out directly from the INCONY office or from the home office. This saves fuel and electricity due to fewer long, trips to the customer's site. Customers are satisfied with this approach and have already recognized advantages from it. For example, concept workshops are divided into smaller units, e.g. two half days instead of a full day, as this allows us to focus more on new topics.
  • Sales is also now conducted almost exclusively via online appointments via Teams and GoTo Webinar. This saves fuel and electricity, too, and sales staff can devote more time to communication instead of wasting time on long journeys or in traffic jams.
  • Invoices are sent and received almost exclusively by mail, significantly reducing paper and postal trips.
Energy and cost savings at INCONY through sustainable solutions

Energy Saving Measures

In the summer of 2022, the energy-saving offensive was launched at INCONY, in which employees brainstormed various measures for saving energy, which were then discussed and refined by the whole team. These included notes on switching off computers, ventilation and lighting. A particularly time-efficient method was found in the form of Wake On LAN, which home office workers can use to put their PCs on standby in the office.