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As digitalization progresses, product data is becoming increasingly important. People are already talking about the new gold for companies.

Nowadays, customers often also want to purchase complex technical products in web shops. Therefore, companies must ensure up-to-date product data and images are always available - quickly, in good quality and in suitable formats.

At the same time, the amount of data in most companies is increasing rapidly: product data is being requested in more and more languages and retailers, partners and customers often want data in ever new formats.


INCONY provides support for these requirements with its technology-leading PIM and cross-media software ANTEROS as well as comprehensive services.

Daniel Tiemann, TMD

"INCONY convinced us with their flexible software, professional product engineering, very high dedication, expertise and good service."


- Daniel Tiemann, TMD Friction

If you are interested in our software, have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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PIM und Crossmedia Software ANTEROS:
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Would you like to maintain your product data, images and documents more efficiently in a PIM system and use cross-media publishing to create information portals, web shops, apps or generate print catalogues, data sheets or labels?


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Our customers report on their projects in user reports.  Find out how other companies have implemented PIM and/or Crossmedia projects with INCONY.


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INCONY has customers from various industries and
of different company sizes (from 10 employees up to many thousands).


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Competence and customer orientation are our top priorities, as an independent customer survey has shown:


  • 96% of those surveyed are satisfied with INCONY
  • 58% are very satisfied and
  • 11% are delighted. 

At 27.06%, the participation rate for all INCONY customers was quite high.

Holger Kleine-Tebbe, TECE

"In only two years we have developed our PIM system, automated price lists for several countries using ANTEROS, exported data for Arge and Datanorm and developed our web catalogs. Tremendous! ANTEROS is very easy to use. INCONY's partnership and customer service impressed me throughout the process."


- Holger Kleine-Tebbe, TECE