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Technological Leader for
PIM and Cross-Media Software

Product data is becoming ever more important in the wake of digitization. Product data is needed for online stores, catalogs, retailer exports, etc. To this end, product data and images must be made available quickly, in high quality, in a growing number of languages and in a variety of formats. INCONY provides support with our technologically leading PIM and cross-media software ANTEROS as well as with additional services.

“INCONY has impressed us with their flexible software, professional product engineering, an extremely high level of commitment, technical expertise and excellent service.”

TMD Friction
Daniel Tiemann,
Online & Digital Marketing Manager at TMD Friction

Data Management Made Easy

Connect other systems and partners through imports and exports as well as via interfaces

Integration, Import and Export

ANTEROS offers various interfaces and a powerful import-export framework that allows you to import existing data into your PIM, integrate other systems with your PIM system and export data for your customers, retailers or affiliates in various formats.

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Create catalogs fully automatically, without a typesetting system


The rule-based print engine in ANTEROS provides 100% automated generation of catalogs, data sheets, price lists or labels. Unlike the template-based solutions used by competitors, ANTEROS.print can save you weeks of rework in typesetting systems like InDesign and can even create new product or customer catalogs at the push of a button.

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Many Satisfied Customers from Different Industries

INCONY serves customers from various industries and of varying company sizes, ranging from those with a handful of employees to large corporations.

“In only two years, we established the PIM system, automated price lists for several countries with ANTEROS, exported data for Arge and DATANORM, and built the web catalog. Amazing! ANTEROS is very easy to use. INCONY's approach as a partner and their focus on the customer has impressed me from start to finish.”

Holger Kleine-Tebbe,
Head of Product Data and Ranges at TECE

Over 20 Years of Experience to Ensure Your Success

You can expect excellent support from INCONY


INCONY is the technological leader for PIM and cross-media software.



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