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ANTEROS provides several types of apps to enable users of mobile devices, especially smartphones, to easily search for products and for presenting your product data and images in an attractive fashion. ANTEROS provides standardized apps, but INCONY also implements customizations to suit individual requirements.


  • Webapp: the ANTEROS Webapp lets users of mobile devices perform a focused search for your products. It can be run on any smartphone, be it iPhones, Android mobile phones, smartphones running under MS-Windows, or other platforms. Navigation is optimized for the relatively small screens of smartphones so that users can execute functions with fingertips. In this way they move between product categories and select filters for hiding and unhiding product details.
  • Apps for app stores: ANTEROS provides so-called native apps, which are developed by INCONY for iPhones and Android smartphones. While the GUI-elements of the Webapp don’t adapt to platform-specific look-and-feel, the iPhone app comes with iPhone-specific menus and other iPhone-style GUI elements. This makes your app even more intuitive to use. You can also put an app like this in your app store. INCONY assists you in creating an app store and adds functionality to your app on request, e.g. if you want to enable it to perform a product search based on a photo.
  • User-friendly search: Besides keyword search, your products can be intuitively searched by navigating through categories. An advanced search lets users of your app specify parameter values to constrain the range of displayed hits, e.g. "all ball valves made of brass with an inlet diameter of 0.5 inch". Entering values in this way lets users find a desired article with just some fingertips even if you have a very large variety of products.
  • Fully integrated with the maintenance of product data: Users of ANTEROS apps are querying product data that are stored in your ANTEROS.pim module, so that you don’t have to maintain these data twice. The deep integration of the PIM and app modules free you from configuring or programming interfaces to other systems.
  • Display product data interactively: In the PIM module you can precisely specify which products and which product data shall be presented to the user. Besides the product’s designation, description, and price, you can select technical characteristics, photos, drawings, and certain types of documents for display. Users can hide and unhide different types of product data.
  • Ordering functionality: A shopping basket lets your customers collect the products they want to purchase directly on the screen of their smartphones, request a quotation for them or place an order. Shopping baskets can be saved for recurring orders and reused at any time later. An order overview has all past orders and the currently active shopping basket, specifying the date and time of the past orders.
  • Registration and ERP interface: The ANTEROS apps provide sign on and sign in dialogs. So you can control user access to your web shop or hide subsets of data and functionality from some groups. Customer-specific prices can be retrieved via an interface to your ERP system.
  • Support of several alphabets, i.e. pages providing product descriptions and search dialogs can be displayed in languages as diverse as, for example, German, Russian, and Chinese.
  • Your Corporate Design: The screen design of your app or Webapp will be customized to suit your specific needs in terms of colors, logo, font types and sizes.
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