With an app you increase the accessibility and use of your data

Apps to Search for Products and Place Orders

ANTEROS provides apps to make your products easy to search for, to present product data and images attractively and to provide a way to order products on mobile devices. ANTEROS offers standardized apps for iOS and Android devices, but INCONY can also add individual programming and tailor the apps to your corporate design.

Apps as a Convenient way to Work on the Move

Following the rise of smartphones and tablets, apps (abbreviation for "application software") have become increasingly widespread. Apps are also present in the context of product data, with which, for example, online stores are implemented for mobile devices, or information portals with which sales staff configure their product variants for customers and prepare orders.


ANTEROS enables you to make your online store, online catalog or information portal accessible to customers, partners and employees in the form of an app. The apps are based on ANTEROS.web and have the same functions for searching, comparing, displaying and ordering products. In addition, there are functions that integrate the mobile device's camera, such as a barcode search that allows users to jump directly to the product detail page. All controls are device-specific, meaning they look the same on iPhone, iPad or Android device as other apps do on that device. Moreover, the apps can be installed in the Apple or google app store.

Advantages of ANTEROS Apps

Apps for App Stores

While the controls and buttons in the browser version ANTEROS.web (the so-called webapp) are the same on PCs, tablets, iPhone and Android smartphones, the ANTEROS.iphone app, for example, offers iPhone-specific menus and controls. This makes your app even more intuitive for mobile phone users. If you want your apps to be available in the Apple and Google app stores, then features like these belong to some of the basic requirements. INCONY also supports you competently in setting up an app store and can add additional functions if required.


The ANTEROS webapp makes it possible to search for your products on smartphones in a targeted manner. This applies to the various smartphones available on the market, be it iPhones, Android phones, Windows Mobile phones, etc. The navigation is optimized for the relatively small display area of mobile devices and can easily be operated with one finger. Thus, one can browse through product categories step by step and show or hide the product details via various filters in each case.

Your Corporate Design

Your app or webapp layout will be adapted to your individual wishes regarding colors, logo, font, etc.

Simple and quick search for products

Convenient Search

In addition to the keyword search, you can also browse your products intuitively via product categories. The "Advanced search" even allows you to specifically limit your product searches via parameter restrictions, e.g. "find all brass ball valves with 20 cm diameter". This allows users to find the relevant product out of thousands of products with just a few taps.

Fully Integrated with Product Data Maintenance

Product data is transferred directly from ANTEROS.pim, meaning that you do not have to once again maintain your product data for the apps specifically. The data is maintained centrally and efficiently once in the product information management (PIM) and can be used for apps, as well as for online stores, product websites, print catalogs, price lists or retailer exports.

Support of Multiple Alphabets

The product and search pages can be displayed in several languages such as German, Russian, Chinese and many more.

You can control what data is displayed in the app

Display Product Data Interactively

The PIM module allows you to specify exactly which products and what data on these products should be displayed in the app. In addition to the product name, product description, and price, you can also display specific technical data, photos, drawings, or selected documents. Users can click on fold-out cards to interactively expand or collapse other aspects of the product data.

Order Feature

A shopping cart allows your (new) customers to collect relevant products directly from their smartphone and then trigger an order request or an order. Recurring orders can be saved in the shopping cart and can be repeated at a later point in time. In addition, the order overview shows all orders that have already been placed and the currently open shopping cart shows the details of what was ordered and when.

Registration and ERP Connection

The ANTEROS apps also offer optional registration functions and login pages to ensure that only authorized customers can use your online store or certain data / functions. An ERP connection can be used to display customer prices.

Satisfied Customers

What are the Benefits of Apps?

Essentially, an app is similar to a responsive display of an online store or web catalog. Yet it is optimized for mobile devices in terms of operation and offers functions that would not be possible on the desktop. For example, a barcode scanner or photo search can be integrated into the app, allowing your customers, partners or vendors to find and order your products with very few clicks.

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