Easy label creation directly from ANTEROS

Easily Generate Custom Product Labels

The ANTEROS label module allows you to automatically generate labels based on your product data, e.g. for the product itself, for packaging or repackaging. The label editor and the layout editor provide you with the tools to do this.

Easily Generate Product Labels

Using ANTEROS you can create various labels for the same product with different purposes, e.g. a mini label with only the article number and the barcode as a sticker on the product, a label with more detailed information for the packaging and a label with partly different information for an outer packaging. Of course, you can create different labels for different product families or packaging types or sizes. Each label type allows you to specify general information and define the design of the label in the Layout Editor. The data for the labels comes directly from the ANTEROS product and media database which can also be used for other purposes.

Advantages of the ANTEROS Label Editor

Automatically generate labels from the PIM data and flexibly define the label structure yourself

Create Your Own Label Types

Using the so-called label editor designer, you can create several blocks on the label type. Each of these blocks has specific setting and output options and can be freely positioned and adjusted on the label according to your wishes. Not only can you use drag-and-drop to position, enlarge, reduce and rotate the boxes, you can also adjust font sizes and types, the orientation of the information in the box and much more extremely easily and intuitively.


ANTEROS generally differentiates between dynamic and static elements on the label.

Dynamic Elements

Dynamic elements contain content related to specific product data. For example, it is possible to create a box for the label type for the article number, the product or category name, the product photo, parameters or an assigned icon. In this case, the box is just a placeholder that is filled with data from the products for which you need labels of this type during label generation. You can also automatically generate barcodes or QR codes from your product data and have these printed on the label, e.g. the barcode for the product from the EAN or GTIN of the product.

Static Elements

Static elements are the same on every label of this type that is generated, e.g. the company logo or the company address. You can directly enter these elements and even apply formatting such as bold, italics, bullets, etc. in the format editor.

Example labels generated with ANTEROS

Your Corporate Design

You can customize the layout of your labels in the ANTEROS label editor to suit your individual layout requirements. Different labels can be defined via different custom label types.


You can even place the logo in the label editor and set your preferences so that the logo is not printed on the generated label, e.g. because it is already present on the label sticker of yours or one of your partners.

Automatic Space Validation

When generating one or more labels, ANTEROS automatically checks whether the product data for dynamic elements will fit on the space available on the label. Using settings for the label you can define that in the case of space problems the font should be changed or a warning should appear during the print generation.

Fully Integrated with Central Product Data Maintenance

Product data is transferred directly from ANTEROS.pim, meaning that you do not have to re-maintain product data for labels. Your data is maintained centrally, efficiently and only once within the product information management (PIM) system for online stores, information portals, product websites, as well as print catalogs, price lists, labels or retailer exports. Thanks to the deep integration of the modules, there are no interfaces to other systems to configure, program or modify with updates.

“ANTEROS allows us to implement our product labels much more efficiently. We can flexibly create label types, use our product data directly from our PIM, and even have ANTEROS check whether all texts fit on the product labels using the current PIM data. The labels are printed at our label stations.”

Jean Müller
Alexander Engelmann,
Head of Assembly and Rationalization at Jean Müller

What Advantages do Generated Product Labels Offer?

The ANTEROS label module automatically generates product labels in your individual company design. This allows you to create a uniform presentation of the company to the outside world, since your catalog, store and labels can be implemented with identical colors and elements. In addition, you directly use the data from a PIM system, thus having less maintenance work and yet a better data quality on labels.

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