Automated Product Label Creation

The ANTEROS label module allows you to automatically generate labels straight from your product data, labels, e.g. for the product itself, for packaging or outer packaging. Both the label editor and the layout editor are available for this purpose.

Multiple label types are available witin the label editor, meaning that each purpose can have its own separate label. For example, in addition to a normal label sticker, a "mini-label" only contains the most important elements such as barcode, article number and product name. Furthermore, the ANTEROS label editor offers the following:

Product labels according to your wishes
  • Assigning products: The number of products that can be assigned to a label category is unlimited. A label filled with product data can be generated for each assigned product during label generation.

  • Assigning product families: There is no need to assign all products of a product family to the label category individually. Instead, directly create a relation to the entire product family. This means that when crating labels each product assigned to a product family will receive a label containing product data.  

  • Preview product: In order to be able to preview a product while editing a label type, you can link a representative product as a "preview product" with which you can then create a "preview label". With the preview label, the label type is applied to a specific product; it serves as a label prototype, so to speak. The advantage of this is that not all labels have to be generated each time before adjustments to the label type can be seen and checked. This saves a lot of time when creating a label.

  • Print options: For each label, you can specify how many labels you want to print side by side on a page. In addition, you can customize the distance between labels and the edge of the roll
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"With ANTEROS we can implement our labels much more efficiently. We create flexible label masks, use our product data directly from PIM and can even have ANTEROS check whether all texts with the current PIM data fit on the product labels. Label printing takes place at our label stations."

- Alexander Engelmann, Jean Müller

The ANTEROS layout editor

The layout editor's editing interface displays elements on the label in the form of "blocks. Each of these blocks has specific setting and output options and can be freely positioned and adjusted on the label according to your requirements. This is what the ANTEROS layout editor can do: it is the perfect solution for you:


  • Static elements: Static elements are identical for each generated label, so their contents can be maintained and managed directly in the editor. Thus the content of these elements is always the same and can already be seen in the editor. This can be for example your company logo or a fixed text like "Price".

  • Dynamic elements: The contents of dynamic elements refer to a specific product and are therefore dependent on the assigned product data. Therefore, there is only one placeholder in the editor that is filled with data during label generation. This can be, for example, the product name or the article number. A particularly dynamic element is the serial number. You can use it to print consecutive numbers on your labels. If this element is selected, the system counts up (per product) when the label is output outside preview mode. 

  • Parameter dependencies: Due to the "Condition" property in the Layout Editor, it is possible that elements of the label are only displayed if a parameter has reached a certain value, e.g. only if the width is at least 2.

  • Automatic space check: When generating one or more labels, ANTEROS automatically checks whether the product data of the dynamic elements match the available space on the label. With settings in the label you can define that in case of space problems the font should be changed or a warning should appear during print generation.
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