Media portal to easily search for and download images, documents and videos

The marketing departments of many companies are spending steadily growing amounts of time on fulfilling the requests of business partners or sales staff for product images. To enable those who need these images to easily search for them and download them whenever they like in whatever format they need, ANTEROS provides an image portal.
You can grant access privileges to a certain group of users, restrict their privileges, and withdraw them.

Jana Schenker, Schwaiger

"In the ANTEROS media portal, the sales department and partners can independently search and download images with just a few clicks, without having to add categories or article numbers to the images."


- Jana Schenker, Schwaiger

Your advantages at a glance:

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  • Your corporate design: Not only can the image portal feature your company’s logo, but it can implement all the elements of your company’s corporate design.
  • Fast browsing through categories: Users of the image portal can easily browse the product categories: e.g., starting from the main categories via the subcategories: they always see the images that are assigned to the respective category or its subcategories. What is important from the point of view of efficiency: you don’t have to place the images in the correct position in these search trees. Since you have assigned the images to the products and by virtue of the products’ being linked to the categories, the relationships between image files and categories is visible. So you spend less time on adding information but nevertheless users of your image portal can easily find images.
  • Easy download of media files in various formats:
    For all images a download icon is displayed. The image can be downloaded in its original format, but also in any format ANTEROS converts it to (e.g. print draft, web format or thumbnails).
  • File folder for any number of images: You can collect several images in a file folder and download them in a format of your choice by a single operation.
  • User administration: You can grant access privileges to the persons you want to enable to search and download images from the Image Portal. You can restrict these access privileges or even temporarily remove the rights granted to certain users.
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Save time and solve the problem of searching for images via a media portal.



What if your dealers and partners could download product images, documents and videos on their own and you only needed to take care of the initial rights setting? Then there would be more time for the creative tasks in marketing. 

Try it yourself, request a software demo and use our media portal to find your media quickly.


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