ANTEROS offers many interfaces

Import, Export and Interfaces

ANTEROS features various interfaces and a powerful import-export framework.

This allows data from other systems or in various file formats to be transferred to the PIM system, e.g. initial product data from Excel or later automated master data from the ERP system. Additionally, the product data enriched in the PIM can be exported in various formats or transferred to other systems via interfaces, e.g. to the CMS in order to display product data from the PIM on the web pages.

“We can perform our data maintenance in ANTEROS very efficiently across our wide range of products in 24 languages. Our ERP Infor is connected via an XML interface and we export data in Arge and BMEcat format for our retailers using standard ANTEROS exports. INCONY provides us with competent and targeted support, contact partners are easily accessible and offer us superb support.”

Roland Kreutzmann,
Head of Digital Media & Service at Oventrop

System Integration / Import-Export Framework

Web Services / REST Interfaces

Other systems can be deeply integrated with ANTEROS via REST interfaces. ANTEROS offers dedicated REST web services with which PIM data can be displayed and used in third-party systems, e.g. CMS systems such as Typo3, Wordpress, etc. or store systems such as OXID, Intershop, etc.


Furthermore, ANTEROS can also transfer data from third-party systems via REST services, e.g. master data from ERP systems such as SAP (via iDoc), Navision, Infor, proAlpha, Oxaion, Unitrade etc.

Import and Export Formats

The ANTEROS import-export framework allows you to flexibly import and export data in various formats.

For example, product data can be transferred from your employees' sources as an Excel file during the PIM start-up phase, or later imported from suppliers in BMEcat format. You can also export the product data you have enriched in the PIM for dealers and partners in formats such as Arge, TecDoc, BMEcat, CSV, Excel and many more.

ANTEROS offers interfaces to third-party systems such as SAP, Navision, Infor and many more.

Many import and export formats
ANTEROS can import data from SAP (iDoc), Navision, Infor, proAlpha, Oxaion, Unitrade etc.
and export to Arge, TecDoc, BMEcat, CSV, Excel etc.

Advantages of the ANTEROS Interfaces, Imports and Exports

Various Formats

ANTEROS offers various import and export formats, such as BMEcat, TecDoc, Arge, XML, Excel and CSV as well as REST interfaces. This allows you to flexibly exchange data with different systems or transfer data from different sources into the PIM system. After all, its important that you no longer have to maintain the data in multiple systems on several "islands", so to speak, but can maintain data in one system at a time and then transfer it to the respective other systems via interfaces and imports.

Import and export in ANTEROS PIM from SAP, Navision, etc.

All Data can be Imported and Exported

The ANTEROS PIM system allows you to import and export all data which can also be entered manually into the system via editors. This not only includes product data and images, but also category trees, parameter definitions, translations and product relations.

Flexible Interfaces

Imports and exports are so flexible that you can even export parameter definitions newly created in the PIM directly, e.g. as a new Excel column, without having to reprogram the Excel export.

Possible export restrictions

Compiling Products to be Exported

You can not only export all products at once, but you can also use different functions to specifically limit them for export.


For this purpose, you can use the powerful search functions of ANTEROS, e.g. to only export products marked with "Target group = Industry" or products from the category "Front headlights for vehicles of the model VW ID.4 with approval for left-hand traffic". In addition, specific products can be compiled in a collective folder, for example, to only export products that the customer has requested with the required data.


Dealers who only need certain product properties can use the export profile editor to define their own exports. Required columns can be chosen and configured by the dealers themselves via web forms. They can even set a regular export e.g. monthly by mail to the dealer very easily.

Create Special Exports with XPEL

Should your data in the product database be structured differently from what your customer or a marketplace wants, or if they want their own formats, INCONY is able to implement this export format for you using the powerful rule language XPEL once and from then on you can easily export your product data this way as often as you wish.

“With ANTEROS as the PIM technology leader, we can maintain our complex product data across many countries very easily and in a well-structured manner. Exports can be created with little effort, print documents are 100% automated. This means we can reach our customers more quickly with more information, giving us a competitive edge.”

Mark Grunert,
Head of Marketing at Motul

Satisfied Customers

What are the Benefits of Interfaces, Imports, and Exports?

In the age of digitization, there are several important IT systems in companies that specialize in different areas, such as ERP systems for commercial processes like logistics and accounting or PIM systems for product data and outputs like catalogs and online stores. It is therefore important to build bridges between these systems, i.e. to implement interfaces so that data only ever has to be maintained in one system, but can still be used in other systems.


You can also benefit from interfaces and an import-export framework when maintaining data with your partners: On the one hand, you can import data from suppliers and partners into the PIM and do not have to enter all the data for these products yourself. On the other hand, you can provide your own product data from the PIM to customers and partners via export, enabling them to receive your products for their store or sales documents even more quickly and efficiently.


The flexible ANTEROS import-export framework offers imports and exports in various formats, as different suppliers or partners may deliver data in different file formats or different customers may want their product data in different structures (such as ETIM, ECLASS).

ANTEROS Import and Export: Artificial Intelligence for your Data

With ANTEROS.damex you can extract, categorise and verify data from various sources.


Take your data to the next level with ANTEROS' import and export functions. 

Thanks to smart AI technology, you can effortlessly extract, categorise and verify data from various sources. This not only saves you time and resources, but also improves the quality of your data.


Discover more about the ANTEROS AI functions and find out how you can optimise your product data in all areas: 

ANTEROS AI Functions


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