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ANTEROS.web adds a professional web shop or an interactive catalog to your web presence. Depending on your requirements the product data are not only displayed, but products can be compared and ordered by browsing through categories or search by parameters or keywords. The layout can be adapted to suit your individual requirements.

Markus Bauer, Mitutoyo Europe

"Our ANTEROS webshops are extremely fast. They are deeply integrated into SAP to display customer prices, availability, delivery times or order overviews directly from SAP and to automatically reduce order possibilities according to payment morale. The quality and flexibility of the ANTEROS software are very good, service and flexibility from the INCONY team are great."


- Markus Bauer, Mitutoyo Europe

ANTEROS-based Web catalogs, web shops, and Apps provide the following features:

Make individual webshops and online-calatogs for your company with ANTEROS
  • Responsive Web design: The ANTEROS-based web catalogs and web shops can also be accessed on tablets and smart phones. The look and feel of the Web forms is optimized for those devices.
  • Easy to use product search: In addition to a key word search, products can be searched in a more constrained fashion via categories and parametric restrictions. So product configurators can be realized.
  • No 0-hits searches: A configurator makes sure your selection lists are automatically reduced, because web catalog searches are aborted by users who get stuck in a dead ended search. ANTEROS supports you in avoiding dead ended searches.
  • You can specify which product data are displayed: whether it includes prices, technical parameters, photos, drawings, links, download links, etc.
  • Cross Selling: The user can access with just a mouse click detailed information about related products such as accessories or spare parts for the article.
  • Product comparison: The user can collect several relevant products and gets a comparison list for these products. Rows with differing parameter values are highlighted so that the users can easily see in which parameters the selected products differ.
  • Shopping basket with ordering function lets a user collect products in a shopping basket and then start an inquiry or an order for those products. By web services, prices and product availability can be requested from your ERP system. Web services are also employed for passing the purchase orders to the ERP.
  • Apps for app stores: You can make the ANTEROS apps available to your customers in the familiar app stores (google, Apple). The apps give users access to the current product data.
  • Support of a variety of alphabets: Your product and search pages can be displayed in languages as different as English, Russian, and Chinese. A web shop or web catalog in the language of your customers provides you with a considerable competitive advantage.
  • Fully integrated with your product information management: The product data are imported from ANTEROS.pim, so that you don’t need to maintain your data twice or import them from the PIM module. The deep integration of the PIM and Web modules frees you from configuring or even programming interfaces to other applications.
  • Your corporate design: The layout of your web catalog, web shop, and apps will be adapted in a rule-based fashion to your requirements.
  • Integration in your web pages: You can maintain your complete Web site with ANTEROS. Besides the web catalog / shop, you can create image pages such as Contact, Imprint, and About via the ANTEROS.pim module. Alternatively, you can integrate the ANTEROS web catalog or web shop into your existing Web site, also if you use a Content Management System (CMS), such as Typo3, Wordpress, OpenCMS, etc.
  • Interfacing with other shop solutions based on Magento, OXID, ...: You can either employ the integrated ANTEROS shop module or use interfaces to other shop systems to display your product data and images in your web shop, i.e., the product data you centrally maintain in the PIM and MAM modules of ANTEROS.
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Are you planning to renew your web shop or to build a new online shop and looking for a good shop software? The shop should allow your customers comfortable searches, react quickly and allow a deep integration into your ERP system?


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