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Professional Online Shops / Web Portals

ANTEROS.web helps you to build professional online stores for your products or spare parts, to implement product pages with convenient search functions on your websites or in your information systems. Your sales staff can use ANTEROS.web to present the variety of products to your customers and to configure relevant product variants. ANTEROS.web can be configured and customized to meet your individual needs in terms of layout and functionality.

“I was very impressed with the development time of the international online shops. The system integration into our SAP has worked very well. The feedback from the national companies is almost too positive: now all countries would like to have an online store like ours, which also boosts the company's image. The number of incoming orders is growing significantly.”

Rainer Holthaus,
Catalog Manager at Hella

Online Shops are Becoming More and More Important

Digitalization has changed customer behavior and the course of a purchasing process. Instead of placing orders over the phone with an employee, products are increasingly being purchased via online shops or shopping portals. After all, this allows people to view and order products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to adhere to the working hours of sales staff. Online shops therefore represent an attractive market channel for many companies. It is possible to serve an international market around the clock and possibly even generate additional sales. In addition, online store sales can be used to optimize your own processes and costs and even attract new customers.

With ANTEROS.web you can implement professional online shops, information portals or web catalogs, in short: web applications for your products.

Benefits of ANTEROS Online Stores and Web Portals

Fully Integrated with Central Product Data Maintenance

Product data is taken directly from the ANTEROS.pim PIM system, meaning that you do not have to maintain this data separately for the online store or web application. The data is maintained once, centrally and efficiently in the product information management (PIM) and is used for the online stores as well as for print catalogs, price lists or retailer exports. Thanks to the deep integration of the PIM and web module, there are no interfaces to other systems to configure, program or adapt with updates.

Your Corporate Design

The layout of your online shop, online catalog or information system is customized to your individual wishes.

Easy finding of data through the "Advanced Search"

Convenient Search

Various search functions help customers to quickly and conveniently find what they are looking for in the online store, even among thousands of products. In addition to a keyword search, products can be found more precisely via categories and parameter restrictions, and product variants can be configured via characteristic data.


A configurator ensures that selection lists are automatically reduced, since an online store often will not get a second chance if a prospective customer runs into a search dead end (0 results). ANTEROS therefore helps you to avoid these search dead ends.

Display Product Data

Product data can be displayed to the full extent of your requirements, e.g. with characteristic data, photos, drawings, links, download options for documents (e.g. installation instructions, CAD files) and much more.

Cross Selling

Detailed information on related products, such as accessories or spare parts, are available to the user via a single click.

Quickly recognise product differences via comparison

Product Comparison

A collection basket gives users the ability to collect several relevant products and clearly compare them by placing the products side by side displaying all of their characteristics. Rows with different parameter values are highlighted in color so that users can quickly see the differences between the products.

Responsive Web Design

These solutions are suitable for use on different monitor sizes, tablets and smartphones. The display adjusts to the type of device used (see Apps).

Registration and ERP Connection

Registration functions allow you to only make your online store accessible to authorized customers or to restrict access to data or functions. The user administration of ANTEROS allows you to create or import user data yourself. Using the registration function, customers can register themselves and then receive access to the web application after your review and approval. In addition, customer prices and availability from the ERP system can be displayed directly in the online store and orders can be deeply integrated into your processes.

Clear and simple ordering functions are important for customers

Ordering Functions in the Online Store

Order functions allow your (new) customers to compile an order request or place an order in a shopping cart and send it to you. Recurring orders can be saved in a shopping cart and can be reused at any time in the future. Furthermore, the order overview shows all orders that have already been placed and the currently open shopping cart shows the details of what was ordered and when.

Support of Multiple Alphabets

The product and search pages can be displayed in additional languages like German, Russian, Chinese and many more. An online store in your customers' language offers you significant advantages over your competitors and reduces time-consuming customer queries. The actual translation of the product data is greatly simplified by

Integration in Websites

You can also maintain generic pages related to your shop in ANTEROS, such as the company profile and your imprint. Alternatively, the ANTEROS online store or online catalog can be integrated into your existing website, including web content management systems (CMS), such as Typo3, WordPress, OpenCms, etc.

Connection to Other Shop Software like Magento, OXID etc.

You can either use the integrated ANTEROS store module or interfaces to other shop software to display the product data and images centrally maintained in the PIM and MAM module of ANTEROS in your online store.

“The ANTEROS online store not only offers our customers great search and ordering options, but it also makes our wide range of products even more transparent. We can expect more sales while still saving time and costs. Thanks to the central data maintenance in ANTEROS, we only have to maintain product data for our print catalog and the online store once.”

Hauke Tietjen,
Managing Director at Tietjen

Satisfied Customers

What Advantages do Online Shops Have to Offer?

Internal Benefits

  • Time-consuming orders placed by phone or fax are reduced. If required, employees can also quickly enter these orders into the online store on behalf of the customer
  • Online stores save costs thanks to more efficient processes
  • With your own online store, you can build customer loyalty in a targeted manner - compared to the alternative of only placing products on portals like Amazon

External Benefits

  • Existing customers can search through your product range 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, identify relevant products and order them at any time, even after your sales staff have finished for the day
  • Worldwide access to new markets: potential new customers can also search for and order products
  • Returning customers can see their individual prices or possible customer discounts directly in the store

User Report on Online Shops

User report from Mitutoyo

Intl Online Shops

International online stores with deep integration into SAP

User report Tietjen

Spare Part Shop

Spare part shop with search via exploded view drawing and integrated PIM

User report Hella

Automotive Online Shops

Online stores with data from TecDoc and SAP

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