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With ANTEROS you can automatically output catalogs, price lists, data sheets or instruction manuals in different languages. In addition to exports to InDesign (like other PIM providers offer), ANTEROS allows you to generate even complex catalogs in PDF format 100% automatically, whether for printing or digital use. Furthermore, any kind of excerpts can be generated with just a few clicks, such as new products or customer catalogs.

“We have been efficiently maintaining our product data with ANTEROS for many years and use it for various print publications and exports. We can output our complex catalog fully automatically and without post-processing in InDesign. In fact, everyone on our websites can generate up-to-date material and safety data sheets at the touch of a button.”

Eric Schönel,
Head of Marketing, Communication & Corporate Development at Simona

ANTEROS Extraction Alternatives

1. Transfer to the Layout and Design Tool InDesign

An InDesign interface can be used to transfer product and media data from ANTEROS to the typesetting system InDesign, where it can be automatically set according to specific layout specifications using templates, and then manually refined in the typesetting system. The template technique has technological limits in terms of layout and often does not allow 100% automation, which is why we recommend this alternative for more creative documents such as brochures and flyers.

2. Fully Automatic Generation

The innovative ANTEROS print engine allows you to generate even complex structured documents such as catalogs, price lists, data sheets or instructions in high quality without any typesetting systems like InDesign and without any need for rework. This not only saves a lot of time, but you can also easily create any excerpt catalogs for new products, customer groups or tenders with just a few clicks.

ANTEROS graphics with InDesign and fully automatic generation

Advantages of the 100% Automatic Print Generation by ANTEROS

While other PIM systems only offer an output to InDesign (see option 1 above), ANTEROS also offers a fully automatic generation of documents. This has many advantages:

  • You are much faster
    Generating the print engine ANTEROS.print is about 20 times faster than an output in InDesign. In addition, the often weeks-long rework required in InDesign is completely eliminated. So you only have to concentrate on maintaining the product data and images.
  • You are more up-to-date
    Since the documents can be generated at the push of a button, you can also re-generate electronic versions of the catalog throughout the year, if necessary, with just a few clicks. Some INCONY customers even integrate the print engine into their own websites so that website users can generate daily updated data sheets or catalog excerpts at the push of a button.
  • You are one of a kind
    If you have price lists with different assortments and prices, you can create and keep even a hundred different customer price lists up-to-date with little effort ... and in different languages, too.
  • You can spoil your customers with new, personalized documents
    The marketing department can generate new product catalogs in a beautiful catalog layout multiple times a year at the push of a button and send them to customers via e-mail, or sales staff can generate targeted excerpt catalogs themselves with just a few clicks for tenders, offers or an acquisition meeting with only the relevant products from your range in a beautiful catalog design.

Examples of 100% Automatically Generated Print Documents

The following examples should provide you with a first impression of how customizable and complex print documents can be. All examples listed below were automatically generated with the innovative print engine from ANTEROS in just a few clicks.

Print sample for ANTEROS from Schwaiger
Print sample for ANTEROS from Schwaiger (2)
Print sample from OBETA
CTA catalog, created with ANTEROS (1)
CTA catalog, created with ANTEROS (2)
Continental print example
Corteco print example
ANTEROS print example of OBETA
ANTEROS print example of MC Bauchemie
ANTEROS print example of MC Bauchemie (2)

Features of the ANTEROS Print Functions

Fully Integrated with PIM

You don't have to push the data from the PIM system to the print module via an interface first, like you do with other systems.


You can generate catalogs, price lists or instructions either in their entirety or as excerpts at any time. For example, target group catalogs (such as classic car catalogs) can be created with just a few clicks for a trade fair, catalog excerpts for a quotation system, or a new product catalog every quarter. Often these on demand documents are not even printed out by our customers, but sent as PDF files via e-mail - but in a nice layout and still with little effort. For many, this is the first time that the new topic of customized catalogs has been made possible due to time and cost reasons - the sales staff and customers are delighted!

ANTEROS graphic with two print rejection types

Web Based

This allows you and your colleagues to easily generate not only entire catalogs, but also daily updated data sheets or catalog excerpts with just a few clicks in your web browser.


Various specific options can be specified in the print form, e.g. to generate a catalog with or without prices or to only generate a main table of contents as a table of contents or also include a chapter table of contents before each chapter.

More Flexible Print Pages with 100% Automation

By implementing flexible rules (instead of rigid, page-based templates required by other PIM systems), ANTEROS.print makes it possible to fully automate even complex structured print documents with just a few rule sets. In order to recreate this competitors would need to use countless templates (e.g. ANTEROS would need only 5 print rules instead of more than 100 templates a competitor product would require).

  • Contents, article and keyword directories
    All directories are generated fully automatically. With template systems, you still have to set them by hand in InDesign and have to search for the corresponding page numbers over and over again. These directories are important for customers to be able to quickly find the desired products in your catalog.
  • Product pages with different article tables
    If you have different product properties and your product pages have article tables with different property columns (e.g. length for screws, but diameter and pressure for armatures), ANTEROS has a default rule for that. The table columns are set automatically and even the column width adjusts automatically to match the data. In template systems you usually have to program new templates (or have them programmed) for each new table type (new / different columns).
  • Different table types
    You can select the table type in the ANTEROS web interface with just a few clicks and thus also automatically implement summarized tables or even crosstabs - which is only possible with template systems via manual post-processing.
  • Automatic data summarization
    If you want to include data summaries in your catalog, e.g. an overview of the standards or application areas supported in the products of this chapter at the beginning of the chapter, then this can be implemented automatically with ANTEROS. Even catalog pages of car parts catalogs, which show the parts clearly summarized by manufacturer, model and vehicle, can be implemented with ANTEROS.print in order to increase the readability of the catalogs and to reduce the printing costs enormously.
SIMONA works with ANTEROS.print on their website

Print Function can be Integrated into Other Applications

You can even decide to integrate the print function of ANTEROS into your web pages or into a customer portal. This allows distributors, partners or customers to use the innovative print function of ANTEROS via a conventional web browser to generate data sheets or catalog extracts with current data.

Correction Mode in PDF

You can run the print generation of the new catalog, price list or data sheet in ANTEROS in correction mode and use it to perform your own, very efficient review. If you discover an error in the content of your product data in the generated PDF file, simply click on the incorrect value or text and a link from the PDF file will take you directly to the PIM system and to the correct product and the corresponding data field. There you can immediately make any changes from a central location in the PIM; time-consuming correction loops (as seen in other systems) are thereby eliminated.

Readjustments via the Web Interface

Not only are the print rules more flexible, you can even easily fine-tune the rules yourself via the web interface, e.g. which main color a chapter should have, where images should be positioned or which logo or page header should be used for the current print generation.

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“Using ANTEROS, we can systematize our data in the PIM very effectively. ANTEROS has taken an enormous amount of work off our hands when creating catalogs. While we used to need 6 months to create a catalog using a template-based print system, it now only takes 6 weeks. And at the same time we concentrate on data maintenance. This means a time saving of 75%, even though we had already automated the process with InDesign plug-ins. The print generation of our complete catalog takes less than one hour with ANTEROS, with the old system it took over 30 hours.”

Christopher Adler,
Marketing at OBETA

Satisfied Customers

What are the Benefits of Print Generation?

Internal Benefits

  • The 100% automatic generation of catalogs, price lists and data sheets saves you considerable time, which can be used for other tasks
  • If you have price lists with different assortments and prices, hundreds of different customer price lists can be generated and kept up to date
  • You can quickly react to daily trends
  • You can generate new product catalogs in your catalog layout at the touch of a button and send them to customers via e-mail

External Benefits

  • The most current product information is always printed, which reduces the number of customer queries and complaints
  • Customer advisors and internal sales staff can quickly respond to customer requests and provide suitable information in catalog excerpts for invitations to tender, quotations or acquisition appointments.
  • Personalized catalogs appeal to customers and help them find information more easily

User Reports for Print Generation

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Fully automatic print generation with ANTEROS

User report from Continental about their automatically generated catalogs from TecDoc data

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Create print catalog automatically from TecDoc data

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Automatic Price Lists
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Fully automatically generate price lists with attachments

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