Generate Print Documents in high Quality on-demand

With the Printengine from ANTEROS you can fully automatically generate product documents from product data, images and in different languages. Even complex structured documents such as catalogues, price lists or data sheets can be created in high quality without any typesetting system such as InDesign and especially without reworking.


The rule-based print engine from ANTEROS is significantly more powerful and faster than other catalog systems that still work on the database publishing principle and template-based.


Lukas Zumstieg, Rapid

"Our price lists have become even more attractive and yet we save 220 hours a year. We are enthusiastic about the product and the services of INCONY and the Swiss partner ppa, because they support us quickly, competently and friendly."


- Lukas Zumstieg, Rapid



The advantages for you at a glance:

product catalog automatically generated with ANTEROS

The ANTEROS' print engine provides a much higher performance than that of other catalog systems:


  • Print page layout is considerably more flexibile, even at 100% automation thanks to our use of flexible rules instead of rigid, page-based templates (as used by other systems). Even complex print documents can be completely implemented with just a few sets of rules in ANTEROS, whereas some competitor systems employ numerous templates to create the same result. The German company ASV Stübbe uses, for instance, five print rules in their ANTEROS solution, while a competing system uses more than 100 templates.
  • Much faster print generation: ANTEROS generates print output more than 10 times faster. So it provides you with a print preview after 10 minutes instead of after 2 hours. In proofreading and final layout refinements under tight deadlines, this will be an essential asset.
  • Print-on-demand is possible even for product catalogs with a complex structure. ANTEROS generates print documents or excerpts on-demand, without a type setting system. Type setting costs are cut by 100% and this for each edition and language version. For many companies, this functionality enables customer-specific catalogs in the first place.
  • Web-based: This feature enables your staff, distributors, partners, and customers to have your ANTEROS solution generate data sheets and catalog excerpts at any time on-demand. Distributors can even include their own logo, if required.
  • Fully integrated with your Personal Information Management Tool (PIM). You don’t have to export data via an interface from the PIM system to the print module.
  • Support of several character sets, so your ANTEROS solution can generate printed documents in e.g. English, Russian, or Chinese without prompting you to install additional characters sets. A catalog printed in the language of your customers will help you to increase your market share.

ANTEROS.print is the only PIM system that provides a fully automatic generation of documents for print without the need for employing a type setting system.


Before you start the ANTEROS print generation, you make settings, e.g. for printing or hiding prices, select a logo, select the resolution (e.g. high for the printing press, or low for email attachments). You can refine title pages or other decorative pages in any way you like, either with ANTEROS functionality or in the PDF file.

If you want to make further modifications to the layout of certain documents, you can select the INX export format. You can edit files stored in this format with Adobe’s InDesign.



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Automatically create print catalogs, price lists, data sheets, and labels



ANTEROS.print is much more flexible and faster than the template-based print systems of other PIM systems. Even complex technical catalogs can be produced 100% automatically, while competitor systems require reworking in Indesign.


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