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Quality Management (QM)

A Quality Management System (QMS) can be used to monitor the quality of your data. In the course of digitization and the introduction of a PIM system, this becomes increasingly relevant, as the amount of data often increases and the quality and integrity of the data is becoming a crucial factor in purchasing decisions. ANTEROS has a fully integrated QMS.

“We use the ANTEROS PIM system to efficiently maintain our product data and media. We have automated processes via workflows and integrated review and release scenarios in the process. We are always amazed by the solutions the INCONY team creates for us.”

Marco Lombardo,
Head of Business Processes & Digitalisation at MC-Bauchemie

QM: Efficient Quality Assurance

The phenomenon of Big Data is often referred to in the course of digitalization, and this takes effect, in part, when a PIM system is introduced. The sheer volume of product data often continues to increase over the course of the operating period. Without the appropriate tools, it will become increasingly difficult to keep track of all data here. With a Quality Management System (QMS) like ANTEROS.qm, this problem can be overcome. With reports and quality levels that you can create yourself, you always have an overview of which products are not yet complete and which data still needs to be added.

Advantages of the ANTEROS QM System

Important quality criteria at a glance


Your dashboard provides you with a clear overview of the quality of your product data and media, and shows you how many and which objects still need to be reworked in which aspects. The findings are displayed in different colored warning levels. There are also direct links to search queries that can be used to delve into the revision of this data in a targeted manner in order to improve the data in the various aspects step by step.

Test Reports

You can easily create your own test reports to check the quality of your data. ANTEROS also comes with some standard reports ready to use. The audit report allows you to define which products or media you want to monitor with regard to which criteria. For example, you can list whether products still need to be categorized, whether important data fields for the online store or a retailer export are missing, or list images or documents that are no longer assigned in the PIM and thus may be candidates for deletion. Reports can be created on a user-specific or cross-user (global) basis and you can also assign the appropriate color warning levels to the respective report.

Define steps for the quality levels

Quality Gates

The management principle of quality gates is known to help achieve milestones far more easily due to the regular monitoring of intermediate results. Therefore, you can define quality levels in ANTEROS and specify exactly what information must be provided in each level. When combined, the reports and the dashboard allow you to take the approach of incremental data input by a team into account, in which, for example, one employee is responsible for the marketing data and another is in charge of the technical characteristic data. In addition, you can set quality levels in predecessor-successor relationships. Here, a new quality level is only reached when the previous one has been fulfilled. This has the advantage that fulfilling requirements can neither be forgotten nor skipped. ANTEROS always automatically calculates the quality level the product is in based on the current data available within the product. Interacting with the dashboard provides a clear overview of how many products are in which quality level, and a simple click is all it takes to open a product to add the missing/ relevant data.

“The INCONY team has shown that they have in-depth experience with complex data. They have demonstrated a keen understanding of our specific data requirements and work has been carried out quickly and very competently.”

Marko Wötzel,
Category Manager at Klickparts

What Benefits do QM Systems Offer?

Internal Benefits

  • Customizable overview of missing or unused data in the dashboard
  • Quality criteria and quality reports can be created easily and according to individual needs
  • Control the gradual enrichment of data via quality levels
  • Milestones can be achieved much more easily thanks to regular quality monitoring

External Benefits

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date data for customers, retailers and partners
  • Best possible presentation of products in the store and catalog
  • High data quality reduces unnecessary inquiries and complaints
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