Monitoring the Quality of your Product and Media Data

A Quality Management System (QMS) can be used to monitor the quality of one's data.

In the course of digitizing and introducing a PIM system, quality management has become increasingly important. As the amount of data increases, the quality and integrity of data becomes an ever more crucial factor in clients' purchasing decision.

Check and improve product and media data professionally with ANTEROS.qm

With the ANTEROS.qms module, you can monitor and gradually improve the quality of your product data and media:


  • Dashboard: On the dashboard you can clearly see, by means of different colored diagrams, how high the quality of your product information and media is, as well as how many and which objects might need reworking in which aspects. The dashboard displays analysis results graphically in various color warning levels and links directly to search queries that allow you to immerse yourself in editing data. This way it is simple to gradually improve the various aspects of data. 
  • Reports: Create personalized monitoring reports, or use the standard reports that come with the ANTEROS system. In the report you define which products or media to monitor for which criteria. For example, you can monitor whether products still need to be categorized, whether they still lack translations or you can list images or documents that are no longer assigned to anything and thus may be candidates for deletion. The reports can be created as user-specific, or cross-user (global). In addition, the report can be assigned appropriate, customizable color warnings.
You use quality levels to define which data should be filled in which steps.
  • Quality Gates: It is well known that milestones can be reached much better thanks to the management principle of quality gates, as interim results are monitored regularly. Therefore, in ANTEROS you can define quality gates and exactly which criteria must be filled at this level. In combination with the reports and the dashboard, this allows for a step-by-step input of data in a team, where, for example,  one employee is responsible for the marketing data and another for the technical characteristics. You can also set the quality levels in predecessor-successor relationships. A new quality gate is only reached when the previous one is passed. This has the advantage that the fulfilment of requirements can neither be forgotten nor skipped. ANTEROS always automatically calculates the quality level of the product from the current product data. In combination with the dashboard you get a good overview of how many products are at which quality level and can dive into the products with a single click to complete the corresponding product data.
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