Maintain Data Efficiently, Integrate it into Multiple Systems

Many companies still maintain their data on "islands".

E.g. master data as merchandise management, catalog data in Indesign, web information in a content management system and distribution data is EXCEL tables. 


This is not only time consuming, but can lead to some information being updated in some places and not in others, meaning that different information is supplied depending on where you look. 


[Translate to English:] Benedikt Bradel, Büroforum

„Thanks to the ANTEROS PIM system, we can now maintain product data very efficiently: each product can be easily edited in web forms and with mass changes, our images are stored centrally in the media database and texts can be translated quickly, clearly and with little effort. The data can not only be used for our webshop, but we can also use channels like Amazon, google-shopping and ideally better with good data. INCONY has always advised us in customer German, competently and service-oriented.“

- Benedikt Bradel, Büroforum

Maintain data and pictures efficiently incorporating existing interfaces.

INCONY can help you manage your data in our central PIM System, ANTEROS. If needed we are able to import data from existing systems and refine product data and images. This data can then be used to automatically export print catalogs, price lists, data sheets as well as web catalogs, web shops, apps and exports for distributors, customers etc. 


Our experienced and competent team is there for you every step of the way from the requirement analysis, conception, configuration, adjustments and, if needed, work with design agencies and print with the help of one of our associates. 


Profit from the extensive experience the INCONY team and its leading PIM system ANTEROS!