Brinkmann Pumpen: PIM for complex product data and print automation

PIM System with a Complex Data Model

Automatically generated print catalogs with flexible layout

Brinkmann Pumps was founded in 1950 and currently more than 300 employees are involved in the development, design and production of customized solutions, utilizing the latest technologies. The entire spectrum of coolant pumps is covered. Thus, Brinkmann Pumps offers everything from small cooling pumps for external cooling, to lifting and cutter pumps, to high-pressure pumps based on a centrifugal or screw pump.


In addition to the headquarters in Werdohl Germany, Brinkmann Pumps also has international representatives in the USA and Japan, which collectively form the hubs of a global network.

Project Overview

Project Goals

  • Efficient Product Data Management:

    Before the implementation of ANTEROS, Brinkmann Pumps used 3 different editorial systems, one for Europe, one for the USA and one for Japan. Therefore, all data had to be amended three times per change. This procedure proved to be time consuming and error-prone. With ANTEROS, on the other hand, all languages can be managed and the web and print presentation can be maintained in just one system.
  • Layout Flexibility:

    Prior to this, a layout had to be hard-coded into the editorial system each time, but with ANTEROS, a different layout can now be used for each print generation as needed.
  • Flexible Print Generation:

    ANTEROS even makes it possible for Brinkmann Pumps to automatically generate print catalogs for Japan. In addition, product data sheets and customer-specific catalogs can be created on-demand.
  • Cost / Time Savings:

    The old editorial system used by Brinkmann Pumps generated a PDF file for each print run that was not ready for printing. Therefore, a print shop had to prepare the file each time and this process usually took up to two weeks. With ANTEROS, print-ready PDFs are now created at the push of a button, saving Brinkmann Pumps the processing time and cost of a print shop.


From Editorial System to Flexible PIM System

The editorial systems previously used by Brinkmann Pumps were to be completely replaced by ANTEROS, which meant that all data had to be transferred on a onetime basis. Thereafter, new data is only created in the ERP system and regularly and automatically transferred by ANTEROS. To do this, a CSV file containing the master data is extracted from the ERP system and imported into ANTEROS. Brinkmann Pumps only maintains catalog-relevant data for the print generation of catalogs and flyers within the PIM system itself. Additionally, XML files are generated with web-relevant product data in order to create a web catalog with them.

Dr. Abou Dayé, Brinkmann Pumpen

“Thanks to ANTEROS, we can efficiently maintain our very complex products in the ANTEROS PIM system and derive the difficult pump catalogs fully automatically. The cooperation was excellent, we were able to implement the project to automate our catalog with 180 pages in 5 languages in only 2.5 months.”


- Dr. Abou Dayé, Brinkmann Pumpen

Data Maintenance in ANTEROS

Since the motors are a separate object type, there is a special menu item that only includes them. This makes it possible to maintain pumps and motors separately and to maintain the motor data efficiently. The pumps and motors are then linked to the „Motor“ relation on a pump product. The motor configurations can be entered for each motor and restricted to a pump.

Online presentation of the relevant catalog data

Publication Assignment

With ANTEROS, it is possible to specify the publication relevant to each individual product family, category, engine configuration and engine. You can choose between print and web catalogs and specify a region. Brinkmann Pumps has two catalogs for each region of Europe, USA and Japan.


XML Interface to the Web Catalog

Brinkmann Pumps works with a Typo3 service provider to set a default for a specific XML format for the web catalog so that product data can be integrated into the store. The specification was implemented by the INCONY team using an XML export described by the XPEL rule language. Thus, all relevant data is now transferred from ANTEROS to the Typo3 system once every night.

Automatic Parameter Calculation

As an internationally active company, Brinkmann Pumps is confronted with the problem that in some regions different measurement units are used, such as „mm“ in Europe and „inch“ in the USA. Therefore, some parameters are automatically converted by ANTEROS, such as the measurement from „mm“ to „inch“ or the weight from „kg“ to „ pounds“. For other parameters, like power, Brinkmann Pumps has reserved the possibility to enter the values separately themselves.

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