Efficient Data Maintenance in a PIM System with Automated Print Generation

User Report by Oventrop - a Company in the Metalworking Industry

Oventrop currently maintain approx. 5,000 products in ANTEROS, each with color photos, drawings and numerous technical product characteristics. To do this they utilize ANTEROS' efficient data maintenance and  which is integrated with their ERP and CMS.

Use of ANTEROS at Oventrop

Interface to ERP System

An automatic interface to your ERP system regularly imports the current master data, such as prices and article numbers, into ANTEROS in XML format. In the "hot catalog phase", this import can also be started manually, so that, depending on your needs, you could also run an import every hour.

Translation Management

Oventrop now maintan their product data for a total of 24 languages in the PIM system. The ANTEROS translation module integrated in the PIM gives the translators from the respective countries the ability to translate their texts extremely efficiently. They can either perform the translations directly in the ANTEROS web masks or in Excel spreadsheets which have been exported for them. A very helpful feature is that the translators only see the texts that are new or have been changed in the master language (here: German) and they do not have to search through almost 80,000 texts in order to find the few that still need translation. Changed texts are even highlighted in color to show what has changed in the base text since the last translation - this can also save a lot of work when dealing with longer texts.

Online Seminar: Product Information Management (PIM)

As digitization progresses, product data is becoming more and more important. Achieve growth through high-quality product data. PIM software aids you in maintaining product data much more efficiently, achieving high data quality and outputting the centrally maintained data to other channels (print, web, app and exports).

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Cross Media: Exports for Dealers, Interface to Website and Media Portal

Oventrop use the product data from the PIM system for different purposes:


  • Export of dealer relevant file formats, such as ARGE New Media, BMEcat and the ETIM classification.
  • Interface to Oventrop's website to display the current PIM product data there via web service.
  • Fully automatic generation of the extensive print catalog once a year.
  • Making the images available to sales staff in the media portal so that they can search for the images themselves very easily and download them in various formats.

“We can efficiently manage data in ANTEROS for our wide range of products in 24 languages. Our ERP Infor is connected via XML interface and we export data in Arge and BMEcat format for our dealers using standard ANTEROS exports. Our over 1000-page print catalog is generated 100% automatically from ANTEROS, despite its complex layout. INCONY supports us competently and purposefully, contact partners are easily reachable and offer us fantastic support.”

Roland Kreutzmann,
Head of Digital Media & Service at Oventrop

Oventrop were Chosen as First Tester of ANTEROS 5

In 2018, Oventrop was one of the first companies to test the new ANTEROS 5.
During the test, Oventrop specifically noticed that the maintenance of the product data had further improved despite the large amount of data. Thus, more flexible and faster data maintenance is achieved by the following features, among others:

Flexible data maintenance

Different Maintenance Layouts and Communicating Portlets

ANTEROS 5 offers different layouts for data maintenance. Here you can choose whether you want to see a list of all objects next to an editor, or a collection folder containing only selected objects. In addition, you can also forego an editor and display only the category tree of a classification and the list of objects belonging to a selected category. This way, the object data can be modified directly in the list. For a better overview, a pure editor can be created for a second window or tab. This editor interacts with the other windows so that current data is always available in each one. From this selection, employees can choose the layout that suits their screen resolution and their task.

Flexible List Editing

The lists in ANTEROS 5 can be individualized according to each user's taste. Each user can decide for themselves which columns of the list are relevant to them at that moment and then only display these. This reduces the amount of data displayed and the time needed to search for specific data. Moreover, the lists can be sorted not only by one column, but also by several columns at the same time, and some of them can be re-sorted by simply dragging and dropping.


Overall, the quality and modularity of ANTEROS 5 proved to be very good when using the new version of ANTEROS and Oventrop is of the opinion that INCONY and their software ANTEROS will provide future-proof answers to increasing requirements for the provision of data.

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