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Rapid Technic AG – Fully Automated Price Catalog Created with ANTEROS

Catalogs created fully automatically with ANTEROS

Rapid Technic introduced ANTEROS to serve as a central product information management (PIM) database and, even more importantly, as


Initial Situation

A detailed price list is created every year in German and French as well as a quadrilingual export price book for the specialized trade. Until now, these had been designed manually with great difficulty using InDesign. As a result, those responsible at Rapid Technic AG sought PIM software that would help to massively reduce this personnel and financial expense. In addition, it was intended to be possible to operate a web store with the same system in the medium term. Rapid Technic AG decided on the PIM software ANTEROS, from the German software house INCONY AG based in Paderborn, represented by ppa communications gmbh from Emmenbrücke, a technological leader in this field. The following describes how quickly and straightforwardly the first stage goal, the fully automated creation of the print catalog, was achieved.



Actual Data Management

Rapid‘s data was previously maintained on the following systems: ERP (SAP), various Excel tables, PowerPoint and InDesign used to create price lists, and photos in various directories.


Target Data Management

SAP was to remain the leading system for maintaining product master data. The data important for price list creation, such as article number, name, short description, price and weight were to be transferred to the ANTEROS PIM software via the CSV interface. Other data relevant for the catalog (technical data, detailed product descriptions, photos, etc.) were imported from various existing Office files one time and were to be maintained in ANTEROS from then on. This product data was to be used to generate the Rapid price lists and other standardized print documents fully automatically.



During a 2-day training, the marketing team of Rapid Technic AG was intensively trained on the PIM software ANTEROS. Prior to this, the necessary system structures were prepared in ANTEROS and existing data such as article master, prices, product parameters and translations were imported from SAP into the database. Thanks to the clear structuring of the products into categories and product families, the basis was laid for the output of the new Rapid Print catalog, whereby the same structure could also be used for a future web store.

Lukas Zumstieg, Rapid Technic AG


“Our price lists have been made even more appealing while still saving us 220 hours a year. We are delighted with the product and services of INCONY and the Swiss partner ppa, as they provide us with fast, competent and friendly support when needed.”


- Lukas Zumstieg, Rapid Technic AG

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