Hella: Print automation with ANTEROS based on data from SAP and TecDoc

Catalog Automation in Multiple Country Organizations

Hella's experience with ANTEROS
Hella Product catalogs on demand

Hella develops and manufactures lighting technology and electronics components and systems as well as complete vehicle modules, air conditioning systems and vehicle electrical systems for the automotive industry. Hella‘s „Industries“ business unit develops new target groups outside the automotive core business. Overall, the Group generates annual sales of several billion euros. Hella has one of the world‘s largest aftermarket organizations for automotive parts and accessories. Hella sells these products to original equipment manufacturers of commercial vehicles and as spare parts via the aftermarket and garages.



Efficient Data Management

Hella‘s most important requirement for the catalog system was efficient and flexible data management: master data should be transferred from SAP, TecDoc data should be easily imported from the record files at any time, and it was important for original equipment and NAFTA countries to be able to easily change catalogspecific data via web form. Existing systems such as TecDoc were not suitable for product presentation in NAFTA countries or for the original equipment sector due to their fixed data structures (product features, search criteria).


Print Catalogs On Demand

Hella has had several layout variations implemented as print rules by INCONY. This means that employees at the various locations can now either print complete catalogs, e.g. an electronics catalog for Mexico, or any number of excerpt catalogs, e.g. a Ford promotion brochure. To do this, the employee simply has to limit the products via a search query, e.g. by specifying „manufacturer=Ford“ and „promotion=yes“ or a list of article numbers of the promotional items. They can either start the print generation directly via the print button and receive the catalog as a PDF or InDesign file, or they can use the search start function to first list the products with the specified restrictions and check whether these are the desired products.

Rainer Holthaus, Hella


"Even though Hella has already been using some state of the art IT systems, we were surprised by the user-friendly and flexible data management functionality ANTEROS comes with. The INCONY team's support provided to our employees in Germany, Mexico and USA is very qualified and targeted."


- Rainer Holthaus, Hella

A Single Installation for all Countries

Hella only needed to install ANTEROS once on a server in Germany, and it is used by several national companies for catalog creation. Thanks to the web interface, software does not have to be installed on any of the employees‘ computers and yet the application can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. This reduces installation and rollout costs to a minimum.

Free software demo

Softwaredemo for the PIM System ANTEROS - convince yourself!


Are planning on introducing a PIM system in order to maintain your product data much more efficiently. Are you interested in what is possible with the technologically leading PIM system ANTEROS and how far you can optimize your processes with it? Did the Hella presentation on print automation with ANTEROS based on data from SAP and TecDoc convince you? Then request your free software demo now!

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