Documents Available for Download

We have compiled selected documents for you to download on this page. This includes documents on our software products as well as customer references regarding PIM and cross media.


We have made the following brochures available to download. 

The ANTEROS product brochure presents the modules and functions of the ANTEROS suite in greater detail and provides screenshots to illustrate them.

The user reports feature several ANTEROS users presenting their projects and describing not only their motivations for the PIM and/or cross-media project, but also the benefits achieved and experiences gained.

Finally, the ANTEROS.print - catalog examples contain actual examples of catalog pages that were generated 100% automatically with the innovative print engine ANTEROS.print in customer projects.


With the following guides, we provide tips and advice on the topics of PIM and cross-media.

The PIM System - what is it? guide explains why you need a PIM system and what functions it can contain.

The Webshops guide outlines our 14 tips that should be considered when setting up or relaunching a webshop and selecting webshop software.

In the Catalogs guide, tips are given on creating product documents in order to improve your catalogs and price lists from the user's point of view regarding criteria such as a good layout, adequate structuring, sufficient information and directories.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or remarks.


Free software demo

PIM and Crossmedia Software ANTEROS: winner of multiple awards


Were we able to inspire you with our brochures and guides about the quality and innovative power of our PIM and cross-media software ANTEROS? Would you like to manage product data, images and documents more efficiently in a PIM system and use cross-media publishing to create webshops, information portals, apps or generate print catalogues, data sheets or labels?

The ANTEROS software can support you in this. With ANTEROS you can enjoy digitisation!


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