Print Webinar - Customized Catalogs and Price Lists at the Touch of a Button (free)

Although product information is no longer solely presented to the customer in the form of printed catalogs, the importance of catalogs, price lists or data sheets in printed form or in PDF format for certain markets and target groups is as great as ever. What's more, the new customers expect more and more individualized information. Thus, ONE catalog is often not enough, but rather specific print documents tailored to customer groups or markets, or even new product catalogs that can be sent out multiple times a year via newsletters in a beautiful catalog layout, or excerpt catalogs that a salesperson can personally compile for a specific call for tenders.
These types of print documents can now be generated easily and at the touch of a button using print-on-demand.


Find out free of charge how easy print generation is, even for complexly structured technical catalogs.

Our next online seminar on this subject will take place on:

19 June , 9:00 - 10:00

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Seminar Topics

Seminar topics print
  • How can I automatically generate catalogs, price lists, data sheets, etc. for different languages and product ranges from a product database?
  • Which automation methods are available for print generation from a product database and what advantages/disadvantages do they have?
  • Which layouts can be generated 100% automatically?
  • How can I generate customized extracts at the push of a button, e.g. for a new products catalog, for specific customer price lists, trade show-specific catalogs, etc.?
  • How can I add image pages for cover pages, introduction pages, general terms and conditions, etc. to the catalogs through 100% automation, and how time-consuming is this?
  • How can correction runs be reduced significantly when creating catalogs and price lists?
  • How can product data and images for print documents be maintained or imported?


We will explore these questions in this seminar and illustrate possible approaches using concrete customer examples.


Dr. Radeke holds a degree in computer science and a doctorate in the field of databases. She has been implementing projects and consulting on product data, PIM, cross-media publishing, web-based applications and online stores since 1996. She will conduct the online seminar listed and, if desired, can also consult you on how your specific requirements could be implemented in a project and what costs can be expected.

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