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Data Exports in Formats such as BMEcat with ETIM/ECLASS/Proficlass, iDoc, GAEB, GOM, ...

Lots of companies benefits from the possibility to manage electronically the product information of their partners and suppliers once in a system. Some firms do their procurement processes electronically. Standards should be used for a common data exchange. All sites have to use one standard languages to understand each other.

Important Aspects of the Data Exchange of Product Data

INCONY support you in the data processing for the e-business per XML, BMEcat, xCBL, GOM, ECLASS, ETIM and UNSPSC. With ANTEROS you can manage your data for different e-business systems, e.g. for market places, procurement systems or for you online catalog. If necessary we advice you and carry the conception, implementation and the integration for you.

Structure of ANTEROS

1. A Formatting Language

In the formatting language the product data is defined. Two versions are the most common, Text formats and XML formats. Both are presented in greater detail below.

Example of BMEcat

XML Formats

At the end of the 1990s, XML (eXtensible Markup Language) became an established language for data exchange. In contrast to text formats, the semantics of the columns are directly included in the file. For example, a structure element PRODUCT can be defined to exchange article data, which has further sub-elements such as DESCRIPTION_SHORT and DESCRIPTION_LONG. Since the sender of the message sends the data in this structured manner, the recipient can also easily understand the content and programs in particular can work systematically with it. In the meantime, several standard XML formats have been established that define a fixed set of TAGS and thus standardize data exchange based on these structural elements (such as item name, item price). These include, for example, BMEcat, iDoc, GAEB or GOM. Programs can then be adapted to these fixed structures in order to be able to import or export corresponding data structures, e.g. to import article data from a supplier into the procurement system of his customer.

2. A Classification System

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